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    So I have been trying to get vCenter working correctly as an endpoint in vRA.  I have tried a number of things and when opening orchestrator and trying to fallow the workflows I found that I now had two variation of the same vCenter server instance.  I removed them both thinking I would just readd the one again to see if that fixed my issue with my endpoint, but now when I try to add an instance through the workflow in orchestrator if fails and says: Connection validation failed exception There is problem with the specified PBM service at URL:https://...  Error message: Unexpected status code:503.  Basically my endpoint is not pulling any information from vCenter.  What is the proper order of workflow I need to run to setup a vCenter endpoint.  I think this might help in finding where I am failing?


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    I have setup VRA 7.3 and I have it linked to a vCenter Endpoin.  I created a second tenant and have configured it to access AD.  I have also set up a third party IDP to handle the authentication.  The problem is I have one domain account that I can login through the IPD and everything works correctly.  The problem is I am not able to login with any of my other domain accounts.  I have gone ahead and made sure each was a tenant admin and each account was assigned everything in users and groups.  What is weird is that the error I am getting is being generated from  VMware Workspace One.  The error that displays is Access Denied.  You do not have access to this service.  Contact your administrator for assistance.  It looks like the IDP is authenticating me but VRA is then blocking me.  I am not sure what other permissions I need to set and where to go to set them.  I can not seem to figure this one out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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    Has anyone been able to pull binding values for software components layered on top of vSphere Machines? Mine are blank.  I'm also getting a mandatory 'Container' property.

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  • 10/22/18--02:15: send link of request by mail
  • Hi,


    I have a workflow in the orchestrator that sends a mail with a link to a specific request in the VRA.

    However, when the user receives the mail and clicks on the link, usually it does not open the request itself.

    Sometimes the the links redirect to main catalog windows or even the home windows in the VRA.


    The url I have provided in my process is:


    var URL = ",subtenantId:=e8f703a2-0b5b-424a-a4a6-6d6e1b342914"

    content =  "<B><font color=\"Red\">Please <a href=\"" + URL + "\">click here</a> to confirm.</font></B>"



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    Ran into an issue in 7.4 where an expired deployment hits the archive limit and then fails to delete itself.  The error below is what's logged in the destroy request.  Basically a user left the company, but is still listed as the owner of the deployment.  In previous versions I don't feel as though vRA / vCAC cared if the owner was still actively entitled to vRA.  I've got a support case open with VMware on this, but was curious if anyone else had ran into it.  The system attempts to destroy the deployment every few hours and just keeps failing.  I've also attempted to destroy it manually with the same results although I intentionally didn't try the "force" checkbox as I wanted to see what support says.



    Request initialization failed: Unable to find user XXXXXXXXX of tenant XXXXXX in the principal service.

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    Hi all,


    does anyone know if it is possible to lock vRA display language to English? I have googled, but couldn't find anything.

    Basically I do not want to have users checking and changing their browser and regions settings to get vRA portal in English.



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    The SDK guide makes an oblique reference to putting scripts into /resources/scripts... but how do I register them such that they show up in the workflows tab, as a part of registering the plugin?

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  • 10/23/18--13:21: Dropdown results from action
  •    I'm using XAAS and have a dropdown on my form that uses a custom action to populate the dropdown.  In this case my results are 1000 or so entries.  I noticed that users can't type in the field to take them to entries that start with a letter for example.  Is there any other element or configuration I can use so that the users could type in the first few letters of what they're looking for and the dropdown takes them to those values or limits what's displayed? 

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  • 10/23/18--03:27: VRA installation issue
  • Trying to installing the VRA 7.4.0 , unable to see the installation wizard i am directly seeing the following interface proving the screen shot
    with it, is any one having idea about it ?


    how can  get the installation wizard like that

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    I spiked  the prerequisite checker step because it was loading forever, when i spiked it i am getting this
    issue, how to resolve that can any one please help ?


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    Can we install the VRA without checking Install Infrastructure as a service
    if possible , then what is the difference between Installing VRA with IaaS sever
    can any one please ?


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    Getting below error while integration PKS with vRA

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    Hello Everyone,


    I have a use case for creating an AWS IaaS Blueprint to deploy a vendor provided AMI Image (public from AWS Marketplace). The user would then be presented an option to choose a subnet in a vpc for the image to be deployed. As it is mandatory to specify an AWS AMI Image ID during the IaaS Blueprint creation, the user will not be able to select any subnet outside of the region where the image (that is defined in the blueprint) is available. So for instance if I specify an image that is available in us-west-1 and if the user selects to deploy in a subnet in us-east-2 then the blueprint fails at the "Allocate request" for reservations.

    [Infrastructure service provider error: A server error was encountered. Error requesting machine. No reservation is available to allocate within the group AAAAAA. Selected reservation policy was [AWS Res Policy].].

    The above error is weird but goes away if I specify the correct AWS AMI ID for the region associated with the reservation policy.


    I've tried multiple methods to change the AMI ID programatically but in vain:


    • Using EBS (PRE -> BuildingMachine): This does not work as the Allocate for Reservations is executed before the Machine provisioning lifecycle begins.
    • Using a XaaS Blueprint to request a catalog Items: I couldn't pass the Amazon Image ID in the JSON payload for the catalog item as it threw the below error... I tried to hack passing the properties "amazon_image" and "__amazon.Image.ID" but resulted in validation errors:
      • The value for the field id amazon_image is fixed and cannot be overridden
      • [Custom property '__amazon.Image.ID' cannot be from predefined custom properties]


    Another solution that I was made aware was to have multiple IaaS Blueprints (or catalog items) for each region with respecitve Amazon Image ID... and have a XaaS blueprint wrapper that can invoke the appropriate catalog item based on the user's request. This mean I need to create multiple catalog items for each region which seems bit messy... Is there a better way to handle this use case scenario?. Any thoughts?


    My environment: vRA version 7.4.0 (build 8182598), vRO


    thanks, hari

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    I'm fairly new to vRA/vRO and have been wondering about the GEF.  Does anyone have pointers to where I can find information on how to utilize it to interface with external APIs?

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    Hi All,


    I have a requirement to clone a running virtual machine for distribution using vRA. Current clone options under blueprints only provide ability to clone a vm only if its a template or has a snapshot of it. Is there any other way to achieve this?


    Thank you.


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  • 10/28/18--06:32: statistics in VRA
  • Hi,


    I have Blueprint and Xaas requests from different kinds.

    Is there a report or table with statistics about the requests which have been requested by users?



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  • 10/28/18--23:27: 运维管理 软件
  • vRealize Network Insight  Advanced

    Nework Mobitoring Optimization & troubleshooting

    Firewall Planning & management

    Traffice  Network  Topology visibility

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  • 10/29/18--10:53: Destroy VM Confirmation
  • My question deals with confirming a destroy action prior to actually deleting the VM.  In the vRA vcac under Items and Deployments when you highlight a deployment, select destroy and then Submit there is no further confirmation of what you're about to do.  Once our deployment is in production I see this as a possible issue with someone fat fingering the wrong deployment.  Is there a better way to do this or am I missing something?  Or, can you tell me I'm fretting over nothing?




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    We are having following scenario for user request for on vRA


    1st user will choose only one location of site as an example


    Dropdown menu :





    after that they should see following option on Environment tab i.e






    if they choose "Site" as "London" and "Environment" as "Production" then from back end it should automatically choose 1 Production Clusters from multiple


    just need a help to resolve this either from a workflow or from custom properties


    Please suggest

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