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  • 09/28/17--10:49: vRA with AWS integration
  • Hello Team,


    Planning to integrate my existing vRA 7.3 to our Enterprise AWS..? Is that dedicated DEM server required for this ? Let me know any available document for this. Before add AWS as a end point do we need to check any prerequisites




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    We are in the process of working through a worflow from ServiceNow to vRO to vRA.

    Our process as it exists now:

    1. ServiceNow Payload (JSON) to vRO

    2. vRO translates the request from a XaaS request into a component blueprint

    3. vRO passes properties into the vRA component blueprint request based on scripted logic in the vRO workflow.

    While in the process of passing variables we are wondering if its possible to somehow pass a variable we have created for Active Directory Policies (specifically a variable that passes the ID of the Active Directory Policy) into the component blueprint for the custom property "" value? We would like to either reach into vRO and grab the value, or we would like to know if their is a way to grab the custom property passed into the vRA request?

    Also wondering if its possible to grab the same variable and pass it into a software component? I've attempted to bind the value from the XaaS blueprint, but haven't had much success and I am open to suggestions.


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    Hi all,


    I created a pre provisioning workflow which places a VM in a DRS group.

    The problem is now that the customer set DRS to manual instead of automatic.

    Therefore, it is now possible that the VM is deployed on a host in the wrong datacenter and is not moved, because of the DRS setting (manual).

    Is there a way to apply DRS recommendations with a vRO Workflow?




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    is there some new version that we can apply for vRA 7.3.1 and vROPs6.6 and vRLI...?

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    Hi All,


    Just installed VRA 7.4 I haven't entered in a License key as of yet. When I go into https://<vra>/vcac  the site does not load I just get a spinning Wheel

    Is there anything I need to do or is this happening because I don't have a license key ?


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    Getting a  "InstallSoftwareWorkflow. Install software work item timeout." error after i upgraded to 7.4 from 7.3 on my windows builds.  In the guestagent log I get "Wait for completion '10_installsoftware.bat'.  Any help would be grateful

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  • 05/16/18--08:21: Data Collection not Working.
  • Hi All,


    I have a fresh installer of VRA 7.4, While trying to get data collection on my vCenter Clusters, it is not running the data colleciton

    When i Click Request now, nothing happens if i click finish and go back into the data colleciton Inventory data collection is green on 'OFF'


    I tryed uninstalling msdtc and reinstalling and nothing has happened.


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    Hello fellow vRAers,


    Is there a custom property or hidden property that I can use to add the Deployment "Description" or "Reason for request" fields to the new Custom Form in vRA 7.4?


    Before the custom form feature was introduced, standard blueprint forms show the deployment description and reason for request field automatically, without having to specify a property:

    The new custom form feature does not have either the description or request for properties as available to add to the canvas:

    The only custom properties for deployments I can find are the following from the DOCs





    Looking at the vRA payload passed onto vRO, I can see a __request_reason property, but no deployment description property that I can see. Also, I know sometimes the hidden __ properties are read only, so I am not sure if i can even set the reason for request.

    Does anyone know of a way I can get the Deployment Description and Reason for Request fields to show up on a custom form in vRA 7.4?


    Just to clarify, the Machine properties has it's own description field which can be set using the "notes" property, but that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for the Deployment description.

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    I have installed Vra 7.3 . Now getting below message. Can some one help me to resolve this problem .


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    Has anyone had the pleasure of changing the loadbalancer names for the mgr and web components?  I see documentation on changing the hostname ( Change an IaaS Server Host Name ) and have gone through that, but still getting errors.  Is there anything documented out there?

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    Hello All,


    Having random issues with workflows failing, related to our powershell host via vRA event subscription orchestrator tasks that create MS DNS entries using dnscmd .

    This issue happens consistently when launching 3 or more catalog item requests simultaneously in vRA.


    We are using the Add DNS Record workflow from PSCoE (on solution exchange), after switching over from using run script in guest, which was overly complex for such a simple task, and also was experiencing the same issue as above.


    Turned on vmtools logging, switched powershell hosts, the symptoms are consistent.

    It looks like there are collisions/contention issues with the powershell script copy to the host before execution.

    We tried adding random timers to the workflow, which only reduces the problem but doesn't eliminate them altogether.

    Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before?


    Any feedback or alternative methods would be welcomed and appreciated.



    Thanks and Cheers...

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    Hello All,


      I could see continues logs in vRO  "Notification buffer is full, oldest notification was not sent " is there anything need to be worried about it ??


       These are info events, attached the screen shot.



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    Anyone know how to login to the embedded vRealize Orchestrator - TCP 8281 (Embedded for Content Management) on the vRLCM appliance?  Trying to troubleshoot the Content Pipeline workflow


    I already opened port 8281 and I get a vRO login prompt; but i dont know what user/creds to use.  I tried the default vRLCM user admin@localhost but that doesnt work


    Enter the following on vRLCM appliance:

    sed -i '$a\iptables -I INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 8281 -j ACCEPT' /etc/systemd/scripts/iptables

    sed -i '$a\iptables -I OUTPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 8281 -j ACCEPT' /etc/systemd/scripts/iptables

    sed -i '$a\iptables -I FORWARD -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 8281 -j ACCEPT' /etc/systemd/scripts/iptables

    systemctl restart iptables


    My root issue is that the Pipeline fails to update GITLAB with my content...

    Workflow execution status: failed : exception : Failed to deploy [BLUEPRINT NAME] to GITLAB with error [[Failed to check-in] Error: [No repository id found for the repository [TOP_GROUP/SUB_GROUP/SUB_GROUP/PROJECT] ]] (Workflow:GitlabCheckIn / Check-in (item0)#44) (Dynamic Script Module name : executeVcoWorkflowAndWait#24) (Workflow:Run Content Workflow / Throw Error (item3)#1) (Workflow:Blackstone RP Deploy Content / Continue on failure (item29)#1)

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    Hello VRA'ers,


    Trying to use the new custom form features and I noticed the _deploymentName property is not behaving properly. If I leave this empty, the deployment fails with:

    Request [ef2442ed-d438-442a-a842-0c4f5a4c982c]: Property cannot be empty.; may not be empty. Internal error processing completion of blueprint [PROVISION]  request [ef2442ed-d438-442a-a842-0c4f5a4c982c]. Status so far: [FAILED]

    This property worked fine on non custom form enabled blueprints. Is there  anew property I should use for this? Or maybe there is a way to set the property differently so that it can be empty?




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    I need to have a VM property updated by vRO and then use it in a Software Component to install an application.  When I bind the Software Component property to the VM property, the information seems to be copied at request time as the software component is still working with the pre-vRO updated value.  Is there some flag, or something, that I need to set to tell vRA to use the dynamically updated value and not the value when the user clicks Submit?


    vRA 7.3


    Carl L.

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  • 05/21/18--03:25: SQL setup
  • Author : pgilday

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : vRealize Automation High Availability Configuration Considerations

    Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

    Question :

    Hi Team in doc there is a statement that "the database must be created in 100 mode". During deployment of vRA 7.4 in use of vRSLCM database is created in 120 mode. Is that mean that only for precreated database it must be in 100 mode?

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    Sorry i'm a little new to javascript and i'm trying to create a custom workflow, basically i have an action that gets all vms from a cluster, i then wanted to write a scriptable element to select the servers which are powered on an pass them as an output. I keep getting the error "cannot read property "powerState" from undefined. I have tried a few variations of code but below is the latest.

    input = vmlist

    output = vmpoweron




    var vms = vmlist;


    vmpoweron = ( == "poweredOn");




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