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  • 05/08/18--23:09: Pass User Data vRA - AWS
  • Hi,


    Anybody know how to pass user data when providioning AWS instance from vRealize Automation ?

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    I have created blueprint in VRA using On-Demand NAT network configuration. But, when I am trying to deploy a VM from blueprint it say below certificate error and its getting failed at mid of deployment.


    Can any one please help me to fix this issue.



    Thanks in advance.

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  • 05/09/18--09:21: VM Utilization alerts
  • Hi all,

    Please help me i want to set the virtual machine utilization, email alerts from VROPS.


    specially for CPU RAM and OS disk Space.

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    I am having this issue where i want to save sync settings of a directorie, even i am doing no change an empty error appears.


    Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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  • 05/10/18--10:29: Approval Policy for XAAS
  • Hello,


    I have a XAAS Blueprint that provisions  LXD Linux jails. In the request form I have various parameters like CPU / RAM / DISK and I would like to pass them for approval/modification to the approver defined in a Approval. Policy


    It's easy to pass form values to Approval Polices for actions performed on those jails, since I can select those specific actions from the "Select an approval policy type" but I don't have idea how to specify the form parameters for a "Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - XaaS Blueprint" Approval policy, since it has no properties and no custom properties.

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    Fresh install of vra 7.4 distributed.  The manager service is installed on 2 servers (03 & 04).  Following the instructions from both and Enable Automatic Manager Service Failover everything looks right.


    Over the weekend, the mgr servers were restarted.  When they came back up, both servers had the ManaferService running (as expected), but the VAMI showed both nodes as Passive.  I tried to to go to the healthcheck "https://03.blah.local/VMPSProvision" and "https://04.blah.local/VMPSProvision", but both got 404 errors with "Failed to connect to repository" in the log.


    If I turn off the HealthCheck, and restart the service on both, one goes active, one goes passive. I can then turn on the Healthcheck and it shows the active one passing the healthcheck, and the passive one failing.  If I stop the service on the active server, the passive stays passive.  I then cannot restart the service without disabling the healthcheck.


    I've even switched it to cold standby mode (manual failover) but with the healthcheck in place, I get the 404 error from VMPSProvision.



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    Hi guys relatively new into a site with a fully fledged deployment of vRA 6. My previous experience is relatively basic deployment and designs for vRA 7


    Anyway in the site everyone that's here says basically vRA is the box in the corner we don't kick as it works but nobody really understands it or how it works. It was implemented by PSO a number of years ago and i also keep hearing it's very bespoke and seems to follow no online guidelines of how it should be deployed...


    So what i've got is a black box with no documentation, i need to reverse engineer the existing catalog and blueprints to figure out how the deployments work with a view to creating new ones. So really i'm looking for some advice on where to start.


    • the catalog is full of service blueprints
      • if i look at the service blueprints, i cannot see what workflow they call. All i can see is the details, and the form field designer, no provisioning (provisioned resource)
    • there are also a number of blueprints but i'm not entirely sure if at all how the blueprints and service blueprints are linked
    • Catalog management
      • there are a number of catalog items (both retired and published) but i cannot see the link between published and the actual service catalog items
      • also the catalog items source is either iaas-service or Advanced Designer Server not sure of the difference


    Sorry for the really crappy vague request, but just hoping for some guidance on where to start unpicking this mess


    all help much appreciated

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    Hi All,


    In our vCenter version 6.0 not able to see the vRelializa Orchestrator . When we click orchetrator serves it giving the below error.


    The query execution timed out because of a back-end property provider 'com.vmware.vco.adapter.dataservice.RootVcoNodePropertyProvider' which took more than 120 seconds.


    Can you guys help tome am new to vRo. thanks you in advance.

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    Hi All,


    How can I deploy a Blueprint for other users (on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that) in vRealize Automation 7.x?


    In vRA 6.x, I had users with no entitlement for services (they can't deploy VMs) and, as a Business Group Admin I can deploy a VM using the Custom Property "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" specifying a user, so the deployed VM appears in the user's Items Tab.


    In vRA 7.x this doesn't work neither setting the property in the Deployment nor the Virtual Machine. The deployment and the Virtual Machine appears in the Admin's Items Tab rather than the User's.


    Thanks a lot,

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    All our IaaS Reservations have three storage tiers Gold, Silver, and Bronze where we allocate 8000GB of disk in each tier to each group for a total of 24000GB per customer. We want to alert when a customer reaches 80% of a single tier of storage, as most of our customers choose our Silver offering. By default it looks like the alert for storage triggers on a percentage of the total amount of storage available in the reservation. Does anyone have a good solution for alerting per storage type without having to create three reservations for each customer? Even that will introduce issues with memory allocation per reservation...

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    Good afternoon, I am running into a interesting stuff.

    When CRA request a vm , it require a lease days. And it write to __Cafe.Request.VM.LeaseDays

    like this :

    id          : 1428169
    name        : __Cafe.Request.VM.LeaseDays
    value       : 99999
    isHidden    : False
    isRuntime   : False
    isEncrypted : False


    But in VRA portal it shows differente value. See attachment.

    Where is the date save? I am try to use powerVRA (It should use REST API) to retrive this info, but where this info saving?


    Thank in advance for nay help. :)




    name        : __Cafe.Request.VM.LeaseDays
    value       : 99999
    isHidden    : False
    isRuntime   : False
    isEncrypted : False

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  • 05/13/18--12:46: vra 7.3 boot issue
  • Hello All ….


    Am struggling with the below issue from few days …..


    When ever I boot the vra appliance, the boot process hung at "Updating network config through vaos.service.

    logged in single user mode and updated hosts file, updated the ip in hosts file. still same issue. reverted snapshot and took the below screens.

    Please find the below evidence and let me know if any other this required.

    Please help ….

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  • 05/14/18--03:10: vRA + oVirt/RHEV 4.x
  • Hello!


    Is there any chance that vRA will support any recent Versions of oVirt or RHEV in the near Future? The last supported Version is 3.1 which is from December 2012.



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    I am playing around with the Data Grid in the New Custom forms Designer - more precisely with the "disks" Grid. What I found so far:


    • Adding the Grid to the Forms I got this Error:


    Schema fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, custom_properties, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]] should match the default value fields [[is_clone, initial_location, volumeId, id, label, userCreated, storage_reservation_policy, capacity]].


    Cause: there is no "custom_properties" Field in the Grid Layout


    Solution: Look at the "Default" Value and remove the "custom_properties," from the Header and the "," bevor the capacity - in my case before the "80":



    true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,,80



    true,,0,1525072814859,Hard disk 1,,false,80


    • Using the "disks" Grid "breaks" any approval Policies based on Storage Size


    Cause: If you add more disks to the Grid the Value of "Storage (GB)" will not be incremented


    Solution: Well... its more a workaround since I have not found a way to pass the Values of a Data Grid to an vRO Action. I created a vRO Action which fills the "disks" Grid based on Values in the Custom Form (the size of the template base disks are Hardcoded):


    • If you use an external vRO Action for the Grid Values the Return type of the Action must be "Array/Properties". In my Case the Action was not found if I use this return Type.


    Cause: Bug?


    Workaround: I changed the Return Type to "Array/String" and the Action was found in vRA. After I changed the Values Binding in the Custom Form, Saved the Blueprint and corrected the Return Type of the Action to Array/Properties.

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    Hello all,


    does anyone have experience with SAML-based authentication in the vRealize suite?

    More specifically, we intend to add our Shibboleth Identity Provider in vRA so that we can provide federated access to our application.


    Did someone has already tried this constellation?

    So far, I have tried to set up Shibboleth directly as a third party IdP in vRA - that did not work.

    The log files also gave not much information.



    thanks in advance


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    Just wanted to check if there is a way to create a VM in vCenter with CPU Hot Add and Memory Hot Plug already enabled.

    I can't seem to find a property definition to use. I am using the following Build information:

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  • 05/14/18--11:00: Installing vRA with vSLCM
  • Hi, I'm trying to install just vRA 7.4.0 using the Suite Lifecycle Manager and it is erroring out right at the end when it gets to Creating AD on vIDM.

    I have a preconfigured vIDM server using an external MS SQL server. I'm able to login to vSLCM from vIDM just fine. Not sure why it needs to create anything, it has already been configured.

    The other problem is I'm using AD with IWA and the error is complaining about LDAP being the wrong directory type. I didn't configure LDAP anywhere so I don't know where it is even getting this from. It also says the host is the vRA server, but it should be using the separate vIDM server. Any help would be appreciated, I've started the whole thing over a couple times and it keeps stopping there.

    Here is the error:

    com.vmware.vrealize.lcm.common.exception.LcmException: Failed to create AD over LDAP, on vIDMServer{, tenant=vsphere.local}: {"errors":[{"code":"directory.config.invalidType","message":"Invalid directory type.","parameters":{}}]}

    com.vmware.vrealize.lcm.common.exception.LcmException: Failed to create AD over LDAP, on vIDMServer{, tenant=vsphere.local}: {"errors":[{"code":"directory.config.invalidType","message":"Invalid directory type.","parameters":{}}]}

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    Is there a way to set an Approval Policy on an Entitled Service on an Entitlement in vRA using vRO? I found that I can set the approval policy with the System.getModule("com.vmware.library.vcaccafe.catalog.entitlement").assignServicesToEntitlement action if the service is not already assigned to the entitlement but unfortunately I cannot update the Approval Policy on an Entitled Service. I've tried using the setApprovalPolicyId method defined in the documentation explorer but it does not work.

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    Hi all,


    I am using vRSLCM 1.2 and have a request which I cannot cancel.




    When I click on INPROGRESS I get the following information:


    Any idea how I can cancel this request?




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    vRealize 7.4 Automation Installation Wizard fails with message:


    Time offset for <IAAS HOSTNAME> is missing. Please wait for it to be populated.


    IaaS host is Windows 2016.

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