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    in vRA, I can make a clone blueprint of a empty VM that will customize the machine (ip, subnet, network, add to the domain, etc), but what im trying to do now is take a clone of a machine from production, and keep the machine exactly as it is aside from putting the VM/adapter on the correct network.



    I cant seem to make this happen although it sounds like it should be easy.


    Seems all the ways to add a network forces me to put in a an IP range that vRA assigns to the machine.


    Any help would make you my new best friend.


    Thanks in advance.

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    has anyone made experience with configuring the Endpoint for Azure Germany?

    I've tried a combination of follwing URIs:

    Service endpoint:

    Login URL:

    None of those seem to work.

    Also, when the vRO Workflow fails to create the endpoint, an error is shown, where it says to check the logs. Which logs should I check? The vRO or a log on the vRA appliance?

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    We are getting below error in VRA 7.3 env, What could be the resolution ?


    Workflow 'vSphereVCNSInventory' failed with the following exception: vRealize Orchestrator returned an error

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    In VRA 7.3 Env We are getting following error , What could be the solution ?


       Resource not found for the segment 'VirtualMachineExts'

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    In VRA 7.3  we are getting following error, What could be the resolution ?



    Resource not found for the segment 'HostNicToReservations'

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    We are getting following error in VRA 7.3 env, What could be the solution ?


    1.Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

    Inner exception: The underlying provider failed on Open.

    Inner exception: A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server. (provider: Session Provider, error: 19 - Physical connection is not usable)

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    This exception was caught:

    The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.

    Inner Exception: Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

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    I see in vRA 7 the items now appears as 'Deployment' (for single machine item and for multi machine)

    Any idea how to create a vRO workflow that will get this deployment and get the members of the deployment ? what is the object type and what action retrives the children ?

    I couldn't find any documentation or blogs on that


    Thanks a lot!

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    I filed a feature request today to have the ability to backup Property Groups from the UI and CloudClient in vRA. For organizations that use many Property Groups in a modular fashion across their vRA environment, they become an important artifact similar to blueprints and need to be protected against loss of all sorts. If any of the VMware employees see this and also think it's a good idea, perhaps they can help move that request along. Any others from the community that feel the same way, please chime in!

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    I am looking for adding Domain Users Groups to Users Group Created in vRA Identity Manager vSphere.local Domain. How can this be done?

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    For vRO Workflow alot of Attributes and Parameters are used. I want to get the list all these Attributes and Parameters, anyone who can help me in same?

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  • 10/26/17--07:04: Can't Add the vSphere Agent?
  • I'm installing vRA for the first time, and running into some trouble adding the vCenter endpoint.


    During the install, I added a vSphere agent to all 3 of my IaaS servers, and gave it the name "vhol" (for virtual hands-on labs). Now, I'm trying to add the endpoint, and even though I call it "vhol", it says "Test connection failed: The vSphere agent does not exist or may not be running.". I've rebooted both the IaaS servers and the vRA appliances, no change. I also verified that there is a service on all three called "VMware vCloud Automation Center Agent - vhol" and that it's started, but still nothing. I also tried adding the endpoint using the exact same credentials, and different credentials, and naming it "vCenter", even though that wasn't the name I chose during the install, but still nothing. I even tried installing a brand new agent on all 3 IaaS servers, called something completely different, but it still says the vSphere agent does not exist or may not be running. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hey guys,


    I'm trying to reconfigure an existing virtual machine in vRA.

    I'm following the same method for provisioning a catalog item, unfortunately nothing happens when I sent the request bellow.

    I can the in the requests the reconfigure request with status successful with some of the parameters I specified, but then when I go to the virtual machine itself I see that nothing changed.

    var vmResourceActionRequest = vCACCAFERequestsHelper.getRequestForResourceAction(operation);

    var vmResourceRequestData = vCACCAFERequestsHelper.getResourceActionRequestData(vmResourceActionRequest);

    var json = JSON.parse(vmResourceRequestData);


    json.cpu = "3";

    json.disks[1].data.size = "57";

    vCACCAFERequestsHelper.setResourceActionRequestData(vmResourceActionRequest , JSON.stringify(json));




    vCACCAFERequestsHelper.requestResourceActionWithRequest(operation, vmResourceActionRequest);



    Any idea?

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    I am using VRA 7.3. I have created a approval workflow which will update the request (fieldValues.provider-*) the Network1.Name or Network0.Name to dynamically set the network of the VM. This is working fine if the request is given by a tenant administrator user. But if a non admin user submits request, the Network related info is ignored. So the VM is having only one default NIC. Where as admin user has 2/3 as requested.

    Question is why do non-admin user request not being honoured this way.



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  • 10/30/17--06:08: vRA 7.2 VM Rename problem
  • So, I have setup vRA 7.2 (internal vRO) and all properties are applied including adding to the appropriate domain and OU, but I CANNOT get the extensibility to work so that I can rename either the VM name or the hostname within the VM. I kind of gave up on the lattter as I could not understand how to make some of these canned solutions work... no CLUE how to get vCAC:Entity or any of the other vCAC:<whatever> to work...  so I got approval to just set the VM Name and have that propagate to the nodename...  While I can pass all the variables and create the appropriate naming using the standard nomenclature, I just cannot get the name to change.


    This is the code I am using:

    // Retrieve the machine properties

    var machine = payload.get("machine");


    // Check the machine properties exists

    if (machine == null) { throw "Unable to retrieve Machine Properties."; }


    // Retrieve the values required

    // virtualMachineID = machine.get("id");

    // System.log(" System GUID is "+virtualMachineID)


    var machineProperties = machine.get("properties");

    //Read the hostname generated by vRA (TEE2-busGrp-run#)

    var vmName = machine.get("name");

    var len = vmName.length - 4;


    System.log(" Current hostname is "+vmName);


    // Remove the prefix part, leaving the unique ID

    var uniqueID = vmName.substr(len);


    // Retrieve the variables

    var location = machineProperties.get("LOC.Hostname.Location");

    var vmType = machineProperties.get("LOC.Hostname.Type");

    var busGrp = machineProperties.get("LOC.Hostname.BusGrp");


    // Build new hostname

    var newHostname = (location+vmType+busGrp+uniqueID);

    System.log(" New VM Name and Windows hostname will be "+newHostname);


    // Change the VM Name along with the Windows hostname

    var resultCode = payload.virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties.put("hostname", newHostname);


    System.log("Workflow OSFI Rename VM complete. "+resultCode);


    Logs from the Orchestrator Run:

    [2017-10-27 16:35:54.424] [I] UpdateMachineName Current hostname is TEE2-Dev-048

    [2017-10-27 16:35:54.427] [I] UpdateMachineName New VM Name and Windows hostname will be CVOT-Test-dev-048

    [2017-10-27 16:35:54.429] [I] UpdateMachineNameWorkflow OSFI Rename VM complete. undefined


    As I said, everything gets passed through as I have the subscription setup as such:


    Machine provisioning

    Topic ID: com.vmware.csp.iaas.blueprint.service.machine.lifecycle.provision

    Name: Machine provisioning

    Description: Machine lifecycle events that are triggered during the provisioning phase

    Publisher: iaas-service

    Blockable: Yes

    Replyable: No



    Data > Lifecycle state > Lifecycle state name Equals VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine

    Data > Lifecycle state > State phase Equals PRE

    Data > Machine > Machine type Equals Virtual Machine


    I've selected the Workflow (the script above) and it executes just fine... except that it does nothing to the VM.


    I'm guessing that the undefined in the logs above means payload.virtualMachineAddOrUpdateProperties didn't run, but I have no clue why...Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance,



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    Hi all:

    I am testing the action of changing owner of a project in VRA7.2 .

    In the request I input the new domain user and then choose it ,after that I save it or submit.

    Then I inspect the information of the request , but I cannot see the owner name.

    It's so strange that i can see the cross symbol, that Indicate i really input the name ,but VRA  does not display it.   Why?  Is this a bug in VRA7.2?   Can anyone help me?


    The information you can see the picture in attachments!    TKS!

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    Ok this is my scenario.  I started out with 1 fabric group and circled back to create multiple fabric groups for the different datacenters that I have.  So one I created the fabric groups and added the compute resources, I then removed the compute from the original fabric group, which left the resource only in the new fabric group.  I have a script that I use as an action to get the reservation polcies in the blueprint form.  See below for script.  Long story, short the script stopped working when I removed the resources from the original fabric group.  If I understand things correctly, I do not see why this action would stop working when switching to a different fabric group that I have full permissions to.  If anyone can explain any flaws in my logic, I am all ears.  If not, and you have some time to place.  Would you please take the script and create an action and present that action as a property definition, add to a blueprint and see if the action continues to work when you switch to a different fabric group.











    var blueprint = System.getContext().getParameter("__asd_composition_blueprintId");

    var component = System.getContext().getParameter("__asd_composition_componentId");

    var user = System.getContext().getParameter("__asd_requestedFor");

    var tenant = System.getContext().getParameter("__asd_tenantRef");



    var host = vCACCAFEHostManager.getDefaultHostForTenant(tenant , true);

    var reservationPolicyService = host.createReservationClient().getReservationReservationPolicyService();



    var reservations = System.getModule("com.vmware.vra.reservations").getReservationsForUserAndComponent(user,tenant,host, blueprint, component);



    // get reservation filtered by reservations

    var reservationPolicyFilter = getReservationPolicyFilterForReservations(reservations);

    var reservationPolicies = [];

    if (reservationPolicyFilter) {

    reservationPolicies = reservationPolicyService.getAllReservationPolicies(reservationPolicyFilter).getContent();




    var reservationPolicyProperties = new Properties();

    for each(var reservationPolicy in reservationPolicies) {



    return reservationPolicyProperties;




    function getReservationPolicyFilterForReservations(reservations) {

    var query = new vCACCAFEOdataQuery();



    var queryParams = [];

    for each (var reservation in reservations) {

    queryParams.push(vCACCAFEFilterParam.equal("id" , vCACCAFEFilterParam.string(reservation.getReservationPolicyId())));




    if(queryParams.length > 1) {


    } else if(queryParams.length == 1){


    } else {

    return null;



    return new vCACCAFEPageOdataRequest(1 , 2147483647, query);


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    We have an enterprise Nagios system we'd like to use to monitor vRA. Are there any pre-built SNMP MIBs we can use for monitoring the vRA appliances? vRA, vPostgres, vIDM, vRO, etc...

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    I like to change the VirtualMachine.Disk0.StorageReservationPolicy Property with a vRO Workflow based on CustomProperties. The Workflow was not a big deal but on which Lifecycle State must it run? I tried PRE VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested but this State is to late.

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    1. Whether the  existing automation scripts (CFT and PowerShell scripts) that we created for AWS  can be invoked within VRA so it can be called from VRA for creating new environments.

       2.  If above is not possible, how to replicate the entire automation in VRA

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