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    I deployed vRA to setup vRealize Business for Cloud.  I was reading the vRealize Business for Cloud user guide and it's mentioned a vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup several times.  Can you deploy vRealize Business for Cloud without vRA.  There isn't a forum for vRealize Business for Cloud so I thought I'd see if I could get an answer in the vRA forum.



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    I have a service blueprint with two items.  I want to pass information from one item to another though saving the data in the configuration in vRO using the requestid as the key.  One item is a XaaS blueprint that will collect project information.  Another is a machine type, like vSphere machine.  I can see that in the event broker for the vsphere, i have the __correlationId, which is the request id.  However, in the XaaS blueprint, which is an ASD form with vRO workflow, the __correlationId is not there.  I have an __asd_catalogrequestId, but that is not the requestId of the blueprint.  So, is there anyway I can correlated the items in the blueprint?




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    Good morning! I am currently trying to see if there is a way to add a VM to an existing deployment through any means (action, workflow, etc.). I haven't seen anything in the documentation and blogs that I have come across, so if there are any other avenues, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction!


    A little new to vRA. Forgive me if I am missing a large piece of knowledge base.

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    I have an IaaS VM to which we would like to expand the capacity. The storage path of the currently allocated drives (0 & 1) belong to a reservation enabled datastore that is 95-100% full.


    I'm assuming if we add a net-new drive it should use one of the other reservation enabled datastores assuming capacity exists.


    What if we want to increase the size of one of the existing drives (0  or 1)?


    Do we have to vMotion the VM to a different datastore which is enabled on the reservation?


    Or do we have to increase the datastore capacity first and then increase the reservation amount, and finally the IaaS VM?

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  • 10/20/17--14:37: vRA Implementation
  • Hello,

    We want to design VMware vRA for our 5 environments in the same datacenter. We have 120 physical hosts with more than 500 virtual machines running. Please guide what will be the best practice for VMware RA design and implementation.



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  • 01/04/16--08:15: vRA7 - Identity Stores
  • How do I need to manage new users on Identity Stores with vRA7?


    In vRA6, when I create a users in the Active Directory it became usable automatically in Automation, but with vRA7 I need to "resync" the Identity Store before I can use the new user. Is there any way to set the Active Directory to work as in vRA6?


    If I look for the Identity Store using Orchestrator API (to try a forced sync), the Action "getIdentityStoresFromHost" gives me the following error:

    Error in (Dynamic Script Module name : getIdentityStoresFromHost#0) Can not perform request to the SSO server. Please contact your System Administrator.

    But the SSO server is no longer present in vRA7. How can I force an Active Direcytory sync?


    Thanks a lot,


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  • 10/20/17--12:25: Subscription Payload
  • Good day all,


    I was taking a closer look at the payload properties that gets displayed in the logs when the subscription is called and noticed that my encrypted values are getting displayed in plain text in the logs.  Can anyone confirm if they are seeing that in their environment please?






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    I am noticing that since i am using Event Broker for server provisioning, there is not activity in DEM versus it use to comtrol Lifecycle stub for the build.


    is the normal?




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  • 10/23/17--03:09: [VRA] - 2 DC deployment
  • Hi,


    Actually we work on vRA implementation.

    We have TWO datacenters with not the same IP's.



    vRA Appliance


    DC 1 :


    - Two vRA appliances

    - One F5 LB vRA appliance with IP


    DC 2 :


    - One vRA appliance

    - One F5 LB vRA appliance with IP



    F5 LB appliance in DC1 & DC2 integrate the 3 appliances vRA (Two for DC1 & One for DC2)

    When dc1 is unreachable we will change the load balancing DNS entry.



    vRA Infrastructure Web


    DC 1 :


    - Two vRA Infrastructure Web

    - One F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Web with IP


    DC 2 :


    - One vRA Infrastructure Web

    - One F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Web with IP



    F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Web in DC1 & DC2 integrate the 3 vRA Infrastructure Web (Two for DC1 & One for DC2)

    When dc1 is unreachable we will change the load balancing DNS entry.


    vRA Infrastructure Web



    DC 1 :


    - Two vRA Infrastructure Manager

    - One F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Manager with IP


    DC 2 :


    - One vRA Infrastructure Manager

    - One F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Manager with IP



    F5 LB vRA Infrastructure Manager in DC1 & DC2 integrate the 3 vRA Infrastructure Manager (Two for DC1 & One for DC2)

    When dc1 is unreachable we will change the load balancing DNS entry.

    DEM & Proxy Agent


    DC 1 :


    - Two Infrastructure DEM & Two Proxy Agent


    DC 2 :



    - One Infrastructure DEM & One Proxy Agent

    The purpose of this architecture is for it to be ACTIVE / ACTIVE and to continue to access @VRA Portal when DC1 is unreachable.

    We can't, we wan't to use vMware Recovery Manager.




    Do you think this type of infrastructure is viable ?


    Thx for your feedback.

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    Hi All,


    I have created a custom property in my Blue Print level ( not the machine level). Now I would like to bind this property to one of my software component's property.

    Is that feasible/possible ? I know the machine level property can be binding with software component's property But I am not sure how BP level property can be binding with software component's property ? Please help.



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    I have created a property definition called infrastructure.server.  This field is a dropdown that displays the options for the server type.  I want to pass this property to the software component so I can decide which roles to install.  I've found how to bind the software property to "_resource~blueprintID~IP Address.  I haven't been able to find how to access the property definitions that I have created.  Has anyone found how to access the property definitions?

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    Hello everyone, I am worried about one thing. We already have a vCloud Suite license key and we used it to activate vRealize Automation. So I am asking if there will be additional stuff to pay for because we use our vCloud Suite licence to activate vRealize Automation ?

    That's my question.



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    What are the things I need to have in place in the virtualization layer of my environment in order to deploy the latest version of vRA?

    -Do I need to have all distributred switches or can I use standard switches?

    -Do I need to be using datastore clusters or can I use individual datastores not in clusters?

    -Are there any other specific things that need to be in place in vSphere for vRA to work?



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    Post vRA upgrade to 7.3 of the primary vRA appliance node, reboot (as well as reboot of replica nodes), and successful startup of all IaaS services, the IaaS component upgrade is supposed to start automatically, assuming it hasn't been disabled by touching a file on the vRA console prior to that.


    Assuming we've let the automated upgrade commence, what exactly occurs to the IaaS database (in our case MS-SQL)?


    Are there any changes made to the IaaS database? Does the schema get updated, or something else?


    Does this have to be done manually or is it in fact covered by the automated process?

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  • 10/24/17--21:03: Error with mapping
  • Hi folks,

    I have a problem with one of the clients.

    When I configure connector for OpenLDAP I get such error: "Error occurred while updating attribute mappings."

    In the horizon/connector.log:


    2017-10-25 03:56:22,395 ERROR (tomcat-http--6) [3002@VSPHERE.LOCAL;vraadmin@VSPHERE.LOCAL;] com.vmware.horizon.connector.mvc.UIAlerts - AttributeMapping must contain a replaceTemplate

    2017-10-25 03:56:22,395 ERROR (tomcat-http--6) [3002@VSPHERE.LOCAL;vraadmin@VSPHERE.LOCAL;] - Error occurred while updating attribute mappings.

    com.vmware.horizon.dirsync.exception.AttributeMappingException: AttributeMapping must contain a replaceTemplate


    Does anyone know what might be the problem?

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    How can i list all available default custom properties in the product database? Alternatively i can check them in Custom Properties reference whitepaper but i want to get this complete list in database query. Is this possible?

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  • 10/25/17--08:12: Updating blueprint maximums
  • I have a blueprint that has a max storage size of 500gb. I need to increase that to 800gb. I made the change in the blueprint and new VMs are allowed 800gb. Existing VMs are not able to increase the storage past 500gb. I thought that I had done this in 6.0.1 but now I am not sure as we are now on 7.2.


    Am I missing something?

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  • 10/25/17--06:38: Changing the default Disk ID
  • My template has two disks configured (C and D) in the template.  When provisioning I look at the storage tab and I can see the 60GB listed as disk 0 which it should be.  I have the option to add two additional disks which I did for testing purposes.  Machine builds and I look in vCenter and find three drives however the request for Disk ID 1 was overwritten by the second disk in the template.  If I create a blueprint with component profiles enabled I do not see the default Disk 0 at all.  When I attempt to add additional disk it gets overwritten by Disk 0 in the template.  I would like to adjust the disk number additional storage starts at to 3.  This will leave Disk 0 and Disk 1 for the blueprint.  Ive been asked to create a second template with three disks in so I also need to reserve Disk 2. 


    Can this be done?





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    I am using VRA 7.3


    So I am using the builtin-custom properties below on my blueprint.


    VirtualMachine.Disk1.Letter  = E

    VirtualMachine.Disk1.Size = 20

    VirtualMachine.Disk1.Active = True

    VirtualMachine.Disk1.Label = Junk

    VirtualMachine.Admin.UseGuestAgent = True


    The properties above will build the extra disk with the correct size and drive letter and label etc.  It unfortunately uses the allocation(blocksize)size of 4096 when i need it to be 65536.  I have not found a Builtin-Custom Property to set the Allocation size(blocksize).  So I figured I can just go behind it with a software component that will reformat the disk with the blocksize I want.


    I built the power shell code that will reformat and it is an easy one liner  I just want to make it where it isn't hard coded


    Format-Volume -DriveLetter E -FilesystemLabel Junk -AllocationUnitSize 65536 -Confirm:$False


    Is there a way for me to make a User defined Custom Property and get it to =  the builtin custom property?



    SQLDisk1_Letter = VirtualMachine.Disk1.Letter

    SQLDisk1_Label = VirtualMachine.Disk1.Label


    That way i can make my powershell code


    Format-Volume -DriveLetter $SQLDisk1_Letter -FilesystemLabel $SQLDisk1_Label -AllocationUnitSize 65536 -Confirm:$False


    What am i missing? 

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    I need to query my vRA Request by using a vRO workflow.

    Back in 7.2 I have used this method:

    var reqs = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getRequests(cafeHost);

    This method fails now in 7.3 with:


    Querying for other types works fine. The error is thrown for .getRequest as well as for .findRequests.



    I've tried getting to the request using another method, but this fails again in a strange way:

    var cafeHostCC = cafeHost.createCatalogClient();
    var reqId = payload.get("machine").get("properties").get("__Cafe.Root.Request.Id");
    var req = cafeHostCC.getCatalogConsumerRequestService().getRequest(reqId);
    var businessGroupName = req.organization.getSubtenantLabel();
    System.log("LOG: req.organization.getSubtenantLabel(): " + req.organization.getSubtenantLabel());

    This seems to work, the req.organization.getSubtenantLabel() output shows a correct value, however after this line the workflow fails again with an Error 403 pointing to a line previously executed (here it would output System.log on line 05 and after that fail with Error 403 on line 03)

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