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    I want to assign a custom resource action to some of my vRA objects, but show it only, if the object possesses certain characteristics.

    In this case, the object would be a vSphere VM, and the action would recover a backup of the VM. I want the action to be visible only then, if the VM is backed up. The backup status would be indicated by a vRA custom property or a vSphere Tag, for example myCompany.isBackedUp = [true\false].

    I know there is the option for "Target Criteria" when creating\editing the action, like here:

    However, none of the clauses seem to be usable in my case.

    Sadly the whole process does not sem to be documented at all, at least there is no mention on the Target Criteria selection in the 7.3 documentation:

    Create a Resource Action

    Any ideas?

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  • 05/29/18--03:11: Linux Machine to Domain
  • Hi All,


    I am able to use Customization scripts to join a Windows Machine to a domain once built within VRA. Question is how can i do the same for a Linux Machine ?


    was thinking of using Install Ansible run playbook on local host to join domain, uninstall Ansible during the creation of the machine within VRA. but there has to be a more simpler way

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    Im having a problem with the reporting when I run any of the reports in the vSphere Optimization Assessment the come back blank no data.

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    I install a distributed deployment of vRA7.4 recently and I found there are no sub fields under Data Field when I choose conditions for Event "machine provisioning" topic in the attached.

    I don't know what cause it.

    Thanks for your reply!

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    I have two question about that.


    First question ; I created two dynamic dropdown custom property called via external source ( With vRealize ORchestrator );


    My vRO action code is ;



    return ["Production,"Development"];




    But, I want to write "Name" and "Values" different like picture below . Is that possible ?


    return [{"name" : "Production", "value" : "PROD"}] --> this is not working...


    My second question is ;


    When I click the first dropdown, second drowdown values are coming but i want to first values set as default. Because i'll hide second dropdown and values should be set as default without user selection.



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    Looking at deploying a distributed HA vRA 7 environment and I haven't been able to determine if the embedded vRO appliances are HA and/or if they are recommended over external vRO appliances.


    Does anyone know?

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    Just wondering what the support was with domain separated instances of ServiceNow? Dave

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    Can anyone validate or confirm they are successfully using vRealize Automation 7.4 together with Infoblox and Tom Bonanno's custom hostname extension ( )


    Initial success has now been met with intermittent failures which I cannot determine the cause of. I have not been able to get a support statement from Infoblox for vRA 7.4.


    Provisioning, naming, IPAM all works 70% of the time. But approx 30% of the time the Infoblox IPAM Update workflow fails with a IPAM Provider Error:{"code":3000,"mesage":"An error has occurred while updating the A/AAAA/PTR/CNAME records 'throwIpamError#28'


    Suffice to say the Infoblox Audit log shows the same events when either success or failure occur, except as the workflow in vRO fails the IPAM then deletes its records and the provisioning is a complete fail.


    Infoblox master is managing a member which has sync to a MS AD integrated DNS zone in Read/Write.



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    For a resilient VRA installation SQL Always on Availability Groups are supported for SQL Enterprise only.


    However SQL 2017 Standard Edition does support a single database availability group technology names Basic Availability Groups


    The vRA 7.4 documentation seems to suggest that VRA only creates and uses a single DB


    Would this work and would it be a supported configuration?

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    Since my upgrade from vRA 7.2 to 7.4 and external vRO upgrade from 7.2 to 7.4 I have been getting the following error when trying to deploy a blueprint.


    ) Error in state VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine phase PRE event (queue = 158b52e8-fcf0-423a-b9e2-4ab73b2561b7): Extensibility consumer error(10030) - {com.vmware.csp.core.designer.service@event.subscription.workflow.execution.timeout} and atlv-ldevapp12: sendEBSMessage4(workflow=b76353e4-a224-401d-b9c9-41bea2541cbd) Error in state VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested phase PRE event (queue = f2a6ab63-a780-42b0-80be-c79151558e45): Extensibility consumer error(10030) - {com.vmware.csp.core.designer.service@event.subscription.workflow.execution.timeout}.


    Has anyone else come across a similar error?

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    Hi team,


    I'm currently working with vRealize Automation 7.4.0 and vRealize Orchestrator 7.4.0 and I didn't find any way to get access to the name of the Xaas inside itself.


    My use case is about having default values for my form computed with an action that has as input the name of the Xaas. Final goal is to have all the content of the Xaas fully generic and only one key, the Xaas name for its live customization.


    For now I only get that working using a dedicated hidden text area inside the form but it has to be updated manually.

    I can see a lot of data in the field values about the requester, its manager and so on but nothing to fuel my purpose.


    field options.PNG


    Is there any "hidden" property or "magic" action that could match my objective ?


    Thanks a lot for your help and ideas !

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  • 05/31/18--03:35: Error of manager service
  • Hi

    I need some urgent help I restarted my all infrastructure. vRealize was not collecting Data  from  vCenter endpoint and when  i went to logs i found error of manager services I am also attaching the logs and screenshot:


    CollectedDataImportService: Ignoring exception:

    Error executing query usp_SelectManagementEndpoint

    Inner Exception: Error executing query usp_SelectEntityProperties

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  • 05/31/18--02:00: vRealize LogInsight
  •   Hi just rolled out Log Insight into our environment And added our VRA 7 to the Agent As you can see from the screen shot I am getting Events sent to Log Insight.


    What my problem is that Log Insight isn't showing any Catalog requests that are requested within VRA, as you can see from my screen shot.


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    Hi ,


    We are using VRA 7.3 . in My Env When any build get complete ,

    we not getting mail for that . but if it is failed , or for approval we are getting email .

    Previously it was working , Can someone help , where i have to look in vRA or vRO to fix that problem.

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    When a user selects the action: Connect using VMRC, they get the following prompt, which in turn leads them to login to

    There is no way we are going to provide access to download a single file.  What file holds this link, so i can redirect it to a local source?

    Connect using VMRC

    You need to download and install VMware Remote Console (VMRC) to use advanced keyboard functionality.<br\><br\>Download VMRC

    Connect to console using VMRC

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    I am plan to create a acript to collect vm that will expired in this week and sent email top support team., but I can not find lease day if the vm modify the lease in lifecycle. I have been struggking this stuff for few days and still unable to find out answer.

    When vm provisioned, a lease dauy was assign to properties; 

    Like this:


    "id": "2011103",
    "name": "__Cafe.Request.VM.LeaseDays",
    "value": "600",
    "isHidden": false,
    "isRuntime": false,
    "isEncrypted": false,
    "virtualMachineId": null



    If the server has modify lease, this properties keep intact. but UI able to refelct the proper lease day., see screenshot.

    But where VRA save the modified lease day?    


    Thanks in advance for any help ....

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    I've used the bulk import to successfully import a machine (the first one) into vRA. It shows up under Infrastructure -> Managed Machines with a status of RegisterMachine. It however does not show up in Items -> Machines. The machine I have imported was not created through vRA, it also does not have the agent installed. Is the agent the missing component from me being able to manage this machine in vRA or am I forgetting something else?


    Kind regards,



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    I have 2 vRA environments.  One side works fine, the other side gives me an error when I simply try to pull the machine ID from the payload.


    virtualMachineId = machine.get("id");


    It gives me an error: "Unable to convert object, '7ba7229a-38d8-42db-89a5-66aa6067430b' plugin unexcepted exception : Bad type syntax 'string'"


    I have a case open with VM right now, but so far no resolutions.  I upgraded vRO to 7.3.1 to see if it was a vRO issue, but still nothing.


    Any ideas?

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    Has anyone got blueprints working with Ovf in 7.4?


    Details are a little short on pre-requisites for getting this rolling, and it would be good to know how to get the URL requirement satisfied, for non internet connected deployments.



    As always, any feedback is appreciated.

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    When creating an Endpoint for Azure in vRA 7.4 I receive the following error message:
    Unable to create a vCO endpoint of type 'Azure'. Reason: 'Value for 'storageUri' is required. (Workflow:Add an Azure connection / Create connection (item1)#58067)'

    Looking at this the vRO workflow requires "storageUri" as an input parameter, which is on the form when adding the endpoint (vra) and is listed as an input parameter on the workflow (vro), but the variable is blank when vRA executes the workflow.

    When I look at the same workflow by creating a new XaaS blueprint the input paramerter of storageUri is not here...

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