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    We installed the vRA Plugin for ITSM 3.0 on Service Now Istanbul. We followed the instructions but after executing the scripts we can see the categories but not the category items. also there is no "Add here" button (might be missing because no items are there). I hope somebody can help us.

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  • 04/19/18--04:44: flitter on VM name
  • in VRA 7.3 How to reserve on VM name in predefined VMs prefix . E.g. my VMs are having prefix ilvol{xxxx} –xxxx are numbers start from 0001 and now I want ilvol0010 & ilvol0021 VMs name will not use while new deployment.

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    in VRA 7.3 How create Blueprint for deployment of 2 VMs with VIP IP for cluster? from network prfofile 

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  • 11/20/17--05:02: vRealize Orcherstrator
  • What is difference between "Embed vRealize Orchestrator" and "External vRealize Orchestrator" ??

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    VMRC console opened from vRA has the power options greyed out. The permissions are properly granted, VMRC from the Web Client works well but from vRA VMRC it's not working. Can anyone please help?

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    Getting this right at the start of an upgrade attempt 7.3-7.3.1 from the .iso.



    VMware Inc.

    Appliance Name:

    VMware vRealize Appliance

    Appliance Version: Build 5610496




    Last Check:

    Thursday, 2018 April 19 15:16:39 UTC-4 (Using update CD found on: /dev/sr0)

    Pre-install: failed



    The Management Agent was not upgraded on the nodes listed below. Make sure the Management Agent is up and running on them and that it has connectivity to the VA.




    RPM Status 1: Pre install script failed, package test and installation skipped.



    Post-install: failed



    Update failed (code 1-1). Check logs in /opt/vmware/var/log/vami or retry update later.



    Last Install:

    Failed to install updates(Error while running pre-install scripts and post-install scripts) on Thursday, 2018 April 19 15:20:31 UTC-4

    Pre-install: failed



    The Management Agent was not upgraded on the nodes listed below. Make sure the Management Agent is up and running on them and that it has connectivity to the VA.




    RPM Status 1: Pre install script failed, package test and installation skipped.



    Post-install: failed



    Update failed (code 1-1). Check logs in /opt/vmware/var/log/vami or retry update later.

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    We did a dry run upgrade of our Dev minimal install environment from 7.3-7.4.

    This DEV environment was a fresh 7.3 build 6 months ago.


    Initial identified issue was vRO stopped logging on workflows, which was resolved by the following (thank you poster).


    The upgrade proceeded to run extremely slow for about a day, before grenading itself.

    The catalina.out filled itself to 5+GB, before blowing out the /storage/log partition on the appliance.

    Deleted the catalina.out and rebooted.

    Everything got ugly after that...

    rabbitmq wouldn't start

    composition-service - wouldn't start.


    Environment was fubar'd, had to roll back iaas and vra and databases.


    Anyone have similar experiences?

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  • 04/20/18--00:08: vro upgrade 7.1 to 7.3
  • Hi everybody. just guessing if anyone came across this issue.


    I initiated the upgrade using ISO on CD drive. (from Build 4755871   to the upgrade ended succesfully with no warning messages. After rebooting the server..

    the main web page on 80 port and the one on 8321 (ssl) showed this message :


    Estado HTTP 503 – Service Unavailable

    Tipo Informe de estado

    mensaje Current node is not ACTIVE! Server is initializing...

    descripción El servicio requerido no está disponible en este momento.

    Apache Tomcat/8.5.14



    after a reasonble period of time the error was the same..


    i don't see any errors on the console.. vco-server and vco-configurator are up and running with no issues...  local postgresql  is running fine as well...


    i can loggin to control center  and i see the following when validating the configuration.


    It seems it keeps saying it needs a server restart, despite i've done that 3 times.

    also, the single node cluster configuration was changed to a default 1000 nodes i changed that back to 1.. but it keeps saying that the server needs to be restarted... and after multiple restarts (services and shutdowns ) the message is the same and I cannot connect to the orchestrator port anymore..   :-(



    Thanks in advance!


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    I've a deployment that is currently stuck at CustomizeOS, I've seen this issue before and uninstalling/re-installing the GuestAgent normally does the trick.


    I'm using a different vCenter as the endpoint this time around but I think I have everything for that vCenter setup correctly.


    I've checked both the VCACGuestAgentService.log and the GuestAgent.log ... both look okay.  The cert.pem file is there as expected. 


    Is there anything else I should be looking at or missing ?

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    I'm trying to use the API call to sync a specific directory using this : vRealize Automation Identity Service API - VMware API Explorer - VMware {code}  (/identity/api/tenants/{tenantId}/directories/{id}/sync)


    As {id}, I use the name of the directory I want to sync. I retrieved the name using /identity/api/tenants/{tenantId}/directories/ listing. This listing doesn't contains any "id" field, only "name" field...

    But when I try to execute command to sync a specific directory, I get the following message (assuming "" as the directory I want to sync:



        "errors": [


                "code": 10102,

                "source": null,

                "message": "Resource not found.",

                "systemMessage": "Cannot find a directory with domain name '' in tenant 'vsphere.local'!",

                "moreInfoUrl": null





    Command is : /identity/api/tenants/vsphere.local/directories/


    Anyone have an idea ?

    Or do I have to contact VMware support ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    we have follow this documentation (without vRLCM source control) : Moving vRealize Automation blueprints between environments with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 1.2



    We have 3 vRO :


    - One is capture endpoint

    - Other is capture & release endpoint

    - The last is only release endpoint.


    Same config for the vRA endpoints :


    - One is capture endpoint

    - Other is capture & release endpoint

    - The last is only release endpoint.


    We don't see "Composite blueprint" :





    and "XaaS blueprint"





    All others contents type works !


    If you have an idea, i'm here


    Thx !

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  • 04/20/18--08:44: vRealize Policy alerts
  • Hi, i was wondering if there is any way to set up alerts for when a vrealize orchestrator policy stops


    we have some very important policys which for some reason, sometimes stop


    is there a way to get some sort of alert for when this happens?

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  • 04/20/18--12:14: Static IP not assigned
  • Hello,


    The deployed VM does't get an IP from the range I;ve specified, network configured correctly by mapping the targeted port group and the corresponding Network profile, IPs seem to be consumed inside the network profile page, but the VM gets APIPA address instead.


    What did I miss?

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    A) After the upgrade. When I tried to login to vRO using control center I noticed 3 below issues. It is inbuilt vRO


    1) There is no "startup" option icon

    2) There is no "Roll based access management" icon

    3) There is no gear icon to logout from control center portal


    B)  When I try to use vRO web based UI I am getting below error


    Authentication provider was configured earlier properly. However, when I tried to reset via GUI or command line "/var/lib/vco/tools/configuration-cli/bin/ reset-authentication" there is no effect.


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    I have created new development environment and deploy vrealize automation 7.4. I could download & install some packages from marketplace (ELK, Postgre vb.) but I couldn't install "Windows Guest OS Script Execution Blueprint for vRealize Automation", "Create User Group in AD Blueprint for vRealize Automation" vb. LCM says "The content is not compatible with existing environments."


    What should I do?

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    I want to add AD  groups to the local Admin  using vRealize Software Components mechanism.


    I did that using vRO but customer is asking using vRA.

    Is that possible or not if yes then how ?


    Any one can help

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    We have a use case in our team that we are not sure how to implement.


    I'll try to explain in short:


    - We need to be able to execute a vRO Workflow during a blueprint deployment (The blueprint consists of a single VM component and the user can choose up to 10 instances of the component to deploy).

    - The workflow needs to receive as input the hostnames of all the machines deployed in the blueprint.

    - The workflow needs to run after all the instances have passed the VMPSWorkflow32.MachineProvisioned state, but before the blueprint deployment has finished.


    Right now we are using the event broker to run installs and domain configurations on single instances (using the "Machine provisoning" event topic in the Event Subscription), but it doesn't give us a view on the entire deployment, we need to somehow run a workflow in a phase somewhere between after all the machines have finished our configuration and before the machines are visible to the user.


    Is there an event topic that can accomplish this case? or another way to manage to do it?


    I thought of a way to do it but it requires us to save data into a database\vRO configuration element, and also to edit the workflow we run on single instances, it will work but it is kind of an ugly implementation, i thought i might ask here to see if there is a prettier way to accomplish this


    Thanks in advance!

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    I am doing a deployment of VRA 7.2

    I have used windows 2012 R2 standard  as AD and Windows 2008 R2 for Iaas server


    All the service in VRA and Iaas server are up and running  and i am able to login successfully


    I face issue when i try to add the directory from Administration > directory  .


    I am using the Active Directory ( Integrated Windows Authentication ) and logged in to tenant using Tenant Administrator


    I know my domain admin is correct because same i used to add other computers to domain.


    But in this case when i try to add the directory i am getting the error


    "Could not join domain: Error occurred while joining domain. Verify Domain Admin username and password is correct, and the username is the sAMAccountName."


    I know the credentials are correct and have the the required priveledge


    Any specific AD config i need to do here

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    Hello All,


       We have simple setup of vRA 7.2 , 1 vRA Appliance, 1 Orchestrator, 1 Windows server IAAS, 1 Windows SQL Server for IAAAS data base.


       During the regular windows patching Cycle, these servers will be rebooted, do we need to restart the vRA and vRo appliances as well after restarting the IAAS and DB server ? Will impact the server builds ??

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    Yep team,



    we use vRA proxy agent for BMC.


    All Virtual Machine who are provisionned with vRA call at the end of provisioning phase a bundle package in BMC Bladelogic.


    We want to retrieve log execution of this Bladelogic bundle package in vRO to stop the provisionning if one or more BMC JOB of this bundle failed ?


    Do you think it's possible to retrieve log in VRO from the BMC proxy agent ?


    Thx for your help

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