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    Hi All,


    We're using XAAS to provision EC2 machines in AWS Cloud. The machine is getting provisioned corrected but we're not able to register this machine in to VRA catalog because the type of machine is returned back as EC2Instance. However, VMWare expects the instance type should be VCAC.


    We're unable to find a method to convert EC2Instance to VCAC? Is there a way to do that?

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    Hello All,


      I am not able to view all the reservation in the vRA 7.3 environment , I am part of Tenant administrator,BG Administrator,Fabric Admin group. Still I could not see some of the reservations and the machine deployed in the particular reservation.


      What is the access I should have and where to check ??




    Ravindra M

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  • 07/19/18--08:27: Development Fails
  • I keep getting a Development failure

    What could be the issue ?

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    What else is there available in the official documentation? VMware Docs Search (apart from blogs) Official documentation is really missing depth... explanation of internal working, keywords, etc...


    Also is this feature supported and will be supported in the future? (some VMware official answer would be prefered)


    Some threads with similar issues:

    Need documentation for VRA/VRO 7.0 Custom Resource/Dynamic Types features

    Dynamic type weirdness on items page listing

    Dynamic Types




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  • 07/19/18--16:31: VM Archiving questions
  • Hello,


    I use vRA 7.3.1 to create a machine that allows users to access vCenter and network shares in a remote location much quicker than using it from a local office.  Currently the machine blueprint I created does not have an archive and the lease is indefinite.  However we also monitor the users using the machines, checking whether they RDP or not (they're blocked from using the console).  It's been passed down that they'd like to archive these machines if they're not in use after a certain amount of time and then potentially delete them.  I realize the blueprint doesn't have an archive setup, so I'm wondering the following:


    Can I add an archive time to this?

    Can I manually (or automate) archive the machines if the users haven't used the machines in a specified period?

    Can I manually (or automate) the restoral of the machines?


    I did find something else online where I can block the deletion of the machines after a specific archive period.


    Am I totally screwed?  Do I need to create a new blueprint with a lease time for the machines and an archive period as well or is there a way around that?  I've been googling around but haven't had much luck so far.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Guys,


    I am try to install a multi-node setup for VRA 7.0.1 setup and getting below error during the "Installation Step"

    Certificates issued by CA has been imported at the F5 VIP layer.


    Error message "No private key was found for the certificate"


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    I am trying to update the VRA Lease data (Expires) from the VcAC using VRO.  I am able to fetch the virtual machine entity and list all attributes, and I am using "add update from virtual machine entity" to update the Expires , workflow completes successfully but the value is not updated.


    [2018-05-21 21:58:56.979] [I] Found existing property Expires

    [2018-05-21 21:58:56.981] [I] Update entity id 89570 with property Expires : 2018-10-31T16:15:00.000-0700 on virtualMachine entity testvm


    Can some one help me on how to update the Lease for a deployed VM using VRO

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    I am using vRA 7.2 to request a machine from the catalog.  The machine successfully allocates but the provisioning fails, error - Machine Timeout Customizing Guest OS.


    I have requested another machine which was successful, so I took the cert.pem file from that template and copied it to template that failed.


    Basically Stopped the VCACGuestAgentService, renamed the original cert to cert.pem.old and copied the new cert.pem into the Guest Agent folder and restarted the service


    Just wondering if dong this actually works, hasn't corrected the problem I am having, but just wondering if copying certs like this does actually work or does the guest agent need to be removed and reinstalled?


    And if anyone knows what might be causing the timeout error, would be appreciated



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    Hi guys,

    I have vRA & vRO 7.3.1

    I would like to create an action for adding RAM to VM, but I would like to create a blueprint form that will show currently allocated RAM of this VM to requester and the approver (at the approval form when will go the request details).

    can someone please help me with it?


    Thanks ahead

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    Hello vRA Community,


    We are noticing a strange issue with Windows 10 VM provisioning in vRA 7.4. The deployment times out during the CustomizeMachine state (2 hour timeout). We have also noticed that if we logon during the time the VM is hung at the CustomizeMachine state, but has completed sysprep, the deployment continues to the next state. As far as I know this state is where vmware guest customization is running for sysprep and changing the hostname, etc.


    How does vRA talk to the VM to tell if vmware OS guest customization has completed? Are there any logs that will show the communication? How would logging on to the VM trigger the deployment to continue?


    What I have verified so far is:


    1. Guest customization is finishing completely without issues. The vmware tools log shows this and the VM is joined to the domain and the hostname is changed

    2. I am using the latest vmware tools and vra guest agent for this environment

    3. I have checked the vra guest agent log, but it has nothing to show. I don't think the guest agent is involved in this part of the process. It just keeps polling the vRA manager service for a work item.

    4. I don't see any info in the IaaS server logs.

    5. Logging onto the machine seems to trigger the deployment to continue

    6. Other OSs (Server 2016, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Server 2012R2) deploy fine using the same template creation process and OS Guest Customization spec in vcenter.


    My environment:


    VCenter 6.7
    vRA 7.4 distributed deployment with embedded vRO

    Windows 10 Build 10.0.17134

    VMWare Tools Build 10.2.1

    vRA Guest Agent Build



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    When I am trying to create a snapshot from VRA  using day 2 day action . Request got successfully submitted but showing in progress only..


    Any one can help to fix that ??

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    Our vRA deployments are all triggered by a vRO workflow that does some additional customization after the deployment. For that it is necessary to have the vms of the deployment in powered off state. Currently we achieve this by shutting the vms down in vRO workflow after the deployment, because vRA  powers the vms always on during the deployment. I wonder if there is a better way to achieve the powered off state in the blueprint? I couldn't find any option or custom property to specifiy the state of the vm after deployment. Any ideas here?


    Kind Regards


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    Author : pgilday

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Configuring the Timeout Values for States and Events

    Publication Name : Preparing and Using Service Blueprints in vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.3

    Question :

    When you say restart the manager service  do we talk about - just  one service (mentioned below)to restart  ?? VMware vCloud Automation Center Service.

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    I have a XaaS blueprint where workflow for this blueprint triggers a requsest for iaas blueprint. This creates two requests in vRA - one for xaas blueprint and another for iaas blueprint. Using request id for iaas blueprint, I can get details of resources provisioned by this blueprint using catalog-service/api/consumer/resourceViews/<request_id> api call. Problem is that I have request id of xaas blueprint only as my code triggers a request for xaas blueprint. If I pass xaas request id in catalog-service/api/consumer/resourceViews/<request_id> api call, it does not return details of all provisioned resources (deployments, VMs etc). I thought of supplying xaas request id in iaas blueprint request template and then quering all the requests by xaas request id but don't see a way to achieve this. How can I get the details of all the provisioned resources for this scenario?

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    Hi All,


    I am unable to join secondary vRA appliance in vRA cluster in distributed deployment.

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    On July 10, 2018, VMware released an updated version of its vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) automates Day 0 to Day 2 operations of the entire vRealize Suite, enabling simplified operational experience for customers. The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager automates install, configuration, upgrade, patch, configuration management, drift remediation and health from within a single pane of glass, thereby freeing IT Managers/Cloud admin resources to focus on business-critical initiatives, while improving time to value (TTV), reliability and consistency.


    Check out this blog by Jimmy Alvarez, Staff Architect, Technical Marketing in the VMware CMBU

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    Hello fellow vRAers,


    Is there a custom property or hidden property that I can use to add the Deployment "Description" or "Reason for request" fields to the new Custom Form in vRA 7.4?


    Before the custom form feature was introduced, standard blueprint forms show the deployment description and reason for request field automatically, without having to specify a property:

    The new custom form feature does not have either the description or request for properties as available to add to the canvas:

    The only custom properties for deployments I can find are the following from the DOCs





    Looking at the vRA payload passed onto vRO, I can see a __request_reason property, but no deployment description property that I can see. Also, I know sometimes the hidden __ properties are read only, so I am not sure if i can even set the reason for request.

    Does anyone know of a way I can get the Deployment Description and Reason for Request fields to show up on a custom form in vRA 7.4?


    Just to clarify, the Machine properties has it's own description field which can be set using the "notes" property, but that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for the Deployment description.

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  • 07/24/18--11:05: vrealize reconfigure
  • Author : Brian Neuhauser

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : IaaS Manager Service Host

    Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

    Question :

    How to resolve server stuck in reconfigure for a long time

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    This may be so obvious that I just missed it, but how do I use my own custom icon on a 7.4 vRA Blueprint so that it shows up on the catalog for that Blueprint?


    I would like the icon to come from my Mac desktop rather than from the vRA server(s), if possible.


    Even better would be if the icon could be an SVG file or a GIF file.


    (My apologies for not knowing the correct nomenclature.)






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    Hello All,

    I have came across small challange, for some of Windows server deployments there is need for extra drives formated with block size: 64k. I thought it is something handled out of the box, but it turns to be more deficult.

    What I have done, as there is not standard custom property which can be used, is trying to play with property Command.Format.Options which is not documented but is part of formatjs.js script.

    However did not bring any results:( and partitions are still formated with default 4k

    Does any of you tried to attach extra paramters to format command? In my case I need to add /a:64k

    Script from  formatjs.js 

    // build the command string, add format options if present

        var theCommand = "%comspec% /c format " + letter + ": /fs:" + FS + " /q /v:" + label + " /y";

    if (bag.exists("Command.Format.Options")) {

    theCommand = theCommand + " " + bag.get("Command.Format.Options");



    I am running 7.4



    // build the command string, add format options if present
        var theCommand = "%comspec% /c format " + letter + ": /fs:" + FS + " /q /v:" + label + " /y";
    if (bag.exists("Command.Format.Options")) {
    theCommand = theCommand + " " + bag.get("Command.Format.Options");

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