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    Whenever we modify blueprints in vRA that already exist in the ServiceNow catalog’s and save them, then we re-run the catalogimport job in ServiceNow we don’t see any of the updates we’ve made to the blueprints from vRA in the ServiceNow catalog. Is their a reason the changes aren’t being pulled over, or is their a method to getting those changes to populate?


    Example: A ServiceNow catalog item already exists for AWS-BSP-2K12 and has all the fields it pulled during its original import. We make a change to the AWS-BSP-2K12 blueprint in vRA and save it. We then re-run the importcatalog items scheduled task in ServiceNow and none of the changes are relected in the catalog.


    We've discovered a workaround, but its fairly painful in the time that it takes to complete. By removing the CatalogImportLastRunTime key value, it and re-running the vRealize-Automation-ImportCatalogItems it pulls everything back into SN. We've been told that it should import changes to vRA without having to remove this value.


    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    We have VRA & VRO 7.3 in our dev environment. All the VMs provisioned will be registered in SNOW CMDB automatically. One of the requirements is to update the CMDB whenever a reconfigure action is triggered. This CMDB can be queried only with CI name or IPaddress. I have tried to use the payload for the "reconfigure" action but it has very minimal information. There is no IP address or hostname in the payload. Would you guide me to get the VRO flows set to capture the VM properties after a successful r"reconfigure" action and process the required data?

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    I'm using vSphere automation API 6.5 and I'm trying to get all consumed ressources by vms but i cannot get my hands on anything.

    I looked for resources pools but i don't have any request allowing me to get this kind of infos.

    With vm details i have all infos about their config but not the ressources used in real time.


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    I'm trying to use cloud client to make reservation changes on roughly 260 vms.  Here is the command i'm using:


    vra machines change reservation --ids ccd231b9-a599-474c-9c2e-0267b7b50c48 --reservationName NOC22-WEB-APP-RESV-02 --storagePath VPLEX_NOC22_vRA_CL01


    I'm getting the following error:

    com.vmware.cloudclient.exception.CloudClientException: Failed to convert 'VPLEX_NOC22_vRA_CL01' to type StorageInputModel for option 'storagePath'

    Error: Unable to find a StorageInputModel by the name or id 'VPLEX_NOC22_vRA_CL01'.


    I've tried the command without the storagepath and it works fine.  I have tried several storage paths, even the one it currently is linked too, and i always get the same error.


    Anybody got any ideas?  Everything i have seen with errors on this is commands that do not include the storage path.

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  • 04/03/18--03:52: [vRA 7.3] - Approval Policy
  • Hi all,


    we have configured an "APPROVAL POLICY" for the Action DAY-2 : Destroy deployment.


    When we select APPROVERS > Determine approvers from the request : Business group > Managers




    we encountre this error :





    We don't see any log in a CATALINA.OUT. SOURCE >


    Do you have an idea how can DEBUG this error please ?



    Thx for your help.

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    I just finished my new installation of vRA 7.3 in my lab environment. I am having and issue while adding the vSphere Endpoint (vSphere 5.5) to the platform. This is the error:


    System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. ---> DynamicOps.Common.Client.UntrustedCertificateException: Certificate is not trusted (RemoteCertificateChainErrors)


    Already followed the next KB VMware Knowledge Base importing the vCenter Server certificate to the Trusted root store of all the IAAS machines, including DEMs and Agent. But the error is still the same.


    Also the certificate that i am using in vSphere is self signed.


    By the way i also have connected to the same vSphere Platform a vCAC platform in version 6.2.


    Any ideas?

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    Good morning:


    The goal of my exercise is to:

    1. Generate a random root password
    2. Set that password immediately after linux VM cloning


    To achieve this, I have tried creating a Software Component where the install [Bash] is set to something of the effect:


    echo "TEST123" | passwd --stdin root && passwd -e root

    return 0


    I have also tried to run this without the '&& passwd -e root' addition.


    The reason the password in that code is currently hard coded and not randomized is to just test whether or not I could perform this.


    However, I'm running into the error where the software runs into the issue of:

    nstallSoftwareWorkflow. Install software work item timeout.

    System.ApplicationException: Machine [VMNAME]: InstallSoftwareWorkflow. Install software work item timeout.


    Even though _debug_deployment is set to true, the machine is then destroyed after this error so I am having trouble figuring out the root cause. If anyone has any insight, it would be really welcome. Much appreciated!

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    After upgrade to 7.3.1 from 7.3 getting 401 unauthorized access due to bad credentials on Infrastructure tab.  The IaaS service is of course not connected in the service list but all other services are up and running.  I tried logging into the vami, selecting vRA Settings, then under Host Settings clicked on Reinitiate trust.  It shows the certificates getting updated.  I swear we had a similar issue once before and we needed to manually recreate a solution user or something along those lines.  Anyone else hit this issue with 7.3.1?



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    First off the versions…

    vRA Build 5610496

    NSX 6.4.0 Build 7564187


    Issue:  When the blueprint is deployed, the VM receives all the configured IP info from DHCP, except DNS.


    Setup:  I created a blueprint with a vSphere Windows 10 VM and added an On-Demand NAT Network.  The VM IP settings are configured to receive the information via DHCP.  The On-Demand NAT Network has a parent network profile, external network profile, NAT type (1 to many), subnet mask and gateway assigned in the General tab.  In the DNS/WINS tab I have primary and secondary DNS server along with a DNS suffix, no WINS.  The DHCP tab has the start and end of the range and the IP Ranges tab is empty.  The parent network profile has the same General, DHCP and DNS info.


    Troubleshooting:  After I’ve deployed the blueprint and I look into the properties of the Edge VM that was created for NAT (vSphere Web Client, Networking and Security, NSX Edges, name of Edge, Manage) I can see that in the DHCP section the entry with IP range has “Auto configure DNS” turned on and of course the DNS info from the parent network profile (and On-Demand NAT Network) is blank.  If I manually make the change and publish then all works fine.  So it seems that during the deployment vRA does not pass on the DNS settings but instead turns auto configure on.


    I’ve tested with other VMs (different OS) and the behavior is consistent.  The Edge VM deployed by vRA does not receive the DNS settings but auto configure is on.

    If someone can point me in the right direction it would appreciated.

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    within a software component I need to run a setup.exe as a service account.

    For some reason I get a "access denied" error whatever I try.

    So I simplified it to avoid other factors and just try to run a "whoami | out-file c:\temp\who.log" as a different users. Still failing.


    what I do:

    $securePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString $Password -AsPlainText -Force
    $credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential "$domain\$account", $securePassword

    start-job -ScriptBlock {whoami | out-file c:\temp\who.log} -Credential $credential | wait-job


    I also tried start-process ..... -credential ....

    with same result.


    UAC is disabled via registry.


    Any help would be highly appreciated.




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    Trying to install MySQL software component in Centos 7 blueprint.

    VRA log says "Request failed: Machine vraapp26: InstallSoftware : WGET operation failed. Check agent_download.log. Abort.."


    agent_download.log screen shot is given below.



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    I've setup a customer in vRealize. Several of our engineers need to view the machines this customer has, however the engineers can only see the items(machines) of which they themselves are owner. How do I grant an entire business group access to the items?

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    I have some resource actions, and I want the user to see the action only if some condition is met or only if the VM state is eligible for it.

    Is there a way we can disable the resource action or is there a better way to achieve it.




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    I am trying to update the VM hostname and created a few property definition and added them into the property group.


    Within the property group, I have created:


    • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
    • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Request


    Both have the values __*,*


    The property group is added to the blueprint and I have also created the new Event Subscriptions with the following setup:


    • Select "Machine Provisioning" topic
    • Added the following conditions
        • Data > Lifecycle state name EQUALS VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
        • Data > Lifecycle state phase EQUALS PRE
        • Data > Machine > Machine Type EQUALS Virtual Machine



    In the vRO workflow scripting, I am passing the "Payload" as Properties into the workflow


    I am able to retrieve the machine ID

    var machine = payload.get("machine");

    machineId = machine.get("Id"); // Value is returned


    var machineProperties = machine.get('properties'); // Getting NULL when retrieving the properties


    The machineProperties is returning NULL and I am not able to proceed further to retrieve the property definition that I have specified.


    Am I missing anything? Please help! Thanks.

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    In several of our reservations, under the Network tab, we see Networks that do not exist anymore.

    For now we deselect the checkbox, so the vRO workflows that query the reservations don't use them anymore.


    But is there a way to really remove them?  They don't exist in vCenter or anywhere else, AFAIK.

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    I see this when I look at the "COMPUTE RESOURCES " tab


    Agent status=Down


    help and thanks!!!!!!!

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    If user is unable to see some vRA blueprint form fields on ServiceNow catalog item then do the following check in ServiceNow and perform Import job run again to see if field is now visible or not.


    There are some vRA blueprint fields excluded to be shown on serviceNow catalog form.

    You can check the list below, Go the below URL and find out missing field under "Value"





    If previously missing field is present under "Value" then remove it and click on Update button.

    Now run import job again to see if catalog item contains the field which was not visible previously.


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    The vRA plugin for VMWare has been installed in Servicenow and we are able to pull in Catalog items and CIs from VMware into Servicenow.However we are receiving following error after submitting the catalog item ( for provisioning ) within Servicenow


    1) Servicenow Jakarta.

    2) VMWare plugin installed. ( version compatible )

    3) Able to pull in catalog items and CMDB Cis from the vra ( VMWare Infrastructure )

    4) After submitting a catalog item , I get the error as attached.


    --------- Error Log from Servicenow ------

    REST call error found inside VRASNRequestUtil.getTemplateViaRest: Method failed: (/catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems/14a239ef-7c12-49f9-9003-bb534a7fbb94/requests/template) with code: 401 - Invalid username/password combo


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    We installed the vRA Plugin for ITSM 3.0 on Service Now Istanbul. We followed the instructions but after executing the scripts we can see the categories but not the category items. also there is no "Add here" button (might be missing because no items are there). I hope somebody can help us.

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    Hi All,


    While trying to access vRa page from Servicenow we have below 2 errors in the logs:


    REST call error found inside VRASNVIDM.step5: Method failed: (/SAAS/t/test/API/1.0/oauth2/token) with code: 400

    REST call error found inside VRASNEntitlementUtilTest.preSetEntitlement: Method failed: (/catalog-service/api/consumer/services) with code: 401 - Invalid username/password combo


    We have basic configuration set up correctly, Catalog item is imported into Servicenow without any issue, while request is approved there is no token generated and requested is not passed to vRa.

    Manually when we try to access the page from browser errors are encountered.

    We have SSO configured in instance, is it required that vRa should be setup with SSO? Request your support on this. Thanks in advance.

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