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    I manage several deployments of a two-node vRA 7.3 using the built-in version of vRO.  Today I noticed that on all my networks I started receiving the error "configuration synchronization required" in the control center when doing health checks.  To the best of my knowledge, nothing changed in the environment and I know everything was synchronized two days ago.  I've gone as far as restarting each node one at a time with no luck.


    I did come across this VMware Knowledge Base, however, it seems that in version 7.3 there is no "Synchronize" button anymore and I did see the article was only for 7.2.  Anyways, I'm trying to find out anyone else has came across this error and if so where you able to correct it.


    Thanks in advance for any help you can be. 

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    I got two blueprints which are published and can be deployed - both blueprints require the user to enter a custom property "projectCode"

    That works all fine.


    Now I created a new blueprint and dragged both existing blueprints in it.

    The request form now requires the user to enter the projectCode twice (as expected at this stage)


    I've tried to set the custom property at the blueprint level -> now I have to enter it three times


    What do I need to change, so I only have to enter the project code once?



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    I want to allow users to deploy a windows server in VRA based off an AMI they have created. When creating blueprints you have to specify an AMI ID and that stays constant, i was told there was a way through the cloud client to update the blueprint AMI, but the issue with this would be it would only really work if i had one user using the blueprint. I need multiple users using it, so what would the best way to achieve this be?


    Goal: Have the ability to deploy a blueprint based on various images from AWS the user selects.

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    Anyone every see this?


    We setup a HA vRA 7.3 installation.  So that means two vRA appliances, two Proxy Agents, two DEM workers, two DEM orchestrators, two IMS, two model manager webs, etc...


    When the Proxy agent was configured in the vRA Configuration Wizard, one of two vCenter had a misspelled Endpoint Name.


    To lay it out:


    Proxy Agent #1 on Windows Server #1


    Endpoint Name:


    Proxy Agent #2 on Windows Server #2


    Endpoint Name:  <----- TYPO! should have been ""


    When you go to the vRA 7.3 default tenant -> Infrastructure -> Endpoints and attempt to add the Endpoint, you get:


    "Unsuccessful - Test connection failed: The vSphere agent does not exist or may not be running."


    IF, on the other hand, you enter the typo for the Endpoint name (""), the test connection actually works!


    Even after we uninstalled the Proxy Agent from BOTH servers and manually reinstalled them with the correct EndPoint names!!!


    (So that means that uninstalling and reinstalling the Proxy Agents doesn't fix the issue...)

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  • 02/01/18--11:35: vRA
  • How do I create an endpoint?

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    Hi community,

    we need to duplicate a XaaS blueprint and after we need to change some values and the name of the XaaS cloned.*



    Two solutions :




    - Clone XaaS with the default vRO workflow (Clone a service blueprint)

    - But now it's not possible to automatize the change of some values.... Manually it's not a solution :-)

    - It's possible to change some values in XaaS Blueprint with Actions or other ?


    EXAMPLE value to change :


    CPU default value 4 to 6 for example.





    - Other solution it's to export XaaS blueprint in a package.

    - Parse and change all values in a YAML file.

    - Import Package....All task will be automatized of course.



    Do you have an other IDEA how clone, modify values without manual action of course ?

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    I recently purchased Horizon Enterprise 7 (CCU) for 200+ VMs which comes with "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon". In order to make use of the "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon" component. I downloaded and installed the vRops Operations Manager.


    Now I have 1 x "vRealize Operations 6 Manager for Horizon" license for 22 VMs that i presume also came with the Horizon Enterprise purchase.


    My Question: If I have 6 hosts , with 200+ Instant Clone VMs being managed by a single vCenter appliance. How would the vRops licensing work? 


    If i apply my "vRealize Operations 6 Manager for Horizon" license to my vROPs Operations Manager Appliance, and then add the "vRealize Adaptor For Horizon" component to the Operations Manager Appliance. Will i be able to monitor and report on my single vcenter, the 6 hosts and the 200+ VMs?



    If i need to add any more information please let me know.

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    We have several dynamic fields in vRA blueprints that have been imported into ServiceNow using the ITSM plugin. However, the fields themselves never seem to populate. The properties themselves transfer over in the ServiceNow catalog request, but the values of those properties aren't making it. I am looking for some assistance as in troubleshooting why these dynamic fields aren't populating as they should. We are running release 3 of the ITSM plugin which states that it supports dynamic fields.


    The ServiceNow plugin seems to be making the calls into vRA to grab the values, it just seems nothing is ever making it back into ServiceNow.


    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 03/01/17--06:13: vRA Dropdown Default Value
  • Does anyone know of a way to set the default value in a dropdown in vRA 7?

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    I'm building a new vRA infrastructure 7.3.


    I have blueprints that are working fine if they arte requested from admin users but if I request the same deployment from a standard user I immediately receive the error:


    Error Msg: Request failed while fetching item metadata: 403


    I don't know why. the BG on which the user belong has reservation, the entitlement are correct.


    someone know a way to find what is the metadata item the system cannot fetch?


    many thanks



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  • 02/02/18--07:41: vRA 7.3 with Amazon Endpoint
  • Hello Folks,


    I am trying to configure Amazon EC2 endpoint on my vRA 7.3.

    I have deployed a DEM Worker VM with internet access. (no proxy)

    I have already created an IAM User with Administrative Permissions and I got its Access Keys and Secret access key.


    I used the Access Keys and Secret Access Key which I have created to create the Amazon EC2 Endpoint on the vRA.

    When I start the data collection I got a failed state and when I checked the logs I got those errors below.


    Failed to run Amazon EC2 data collection. Error: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials.


    Workflow 'AmazonEC2EndpointDataCollection' failed with the following exception:

    AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

    Inner Exception: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.



    I really don't know whatelse I can do to fix this.

    I have already changed the access and secret keys but it didn't work.


    Any help?!?

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    Hi guys,


    I have two domains one is my "production" and the other one my "test". In my production domain i have install the vra with two appliances two IAAS componets servers. In my production enviroment every works perfekt. Now I want to deploy a proxy agent and a worker in my test and connect it to my vra 7, is this possible without a trust of the domains? Does someone have a best practise guide for this or is it unsupported?


    My enviroment:


    -vCenter 6.0

    -ESXi 5.5

    -vra 7.0.1



    vCenter 5.5

    -ESXi 5.5

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    I'd like to have custom property added to each blueprint when it gets created.


    I've created the event subscription and duplicated the "create / update property to blueprint" workflow.

    The workflow triggers and runs.

    I can't figure out what to do next... Where do I specify the property name and value? Tried different options in the "presentation" tab, but no property gets added to the blueprint?


    Anyone able to point me into the right direction?




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    I have managed make a XAAS blueprint to deploy a VRA Blueprint, but im getting stuck at the below when deploying.


    In my reservation if i select the various AWS Security Groups they all get added to a machine if i leave the section blank, so when i try to manipulate the json data to select one i get the below error.


    (com.vmware.library.vcaccafe.request/requestCatalogItemWithProvisioningRequest) Error in (Dynamic Script Module name : requestCatalogItemWithProvisioningRequest#0) [Rest Composite Exception]:  ( [Rest Error]: {Status code: 400}, {Error code: 20117} , {Error Source: null}, {Error Msg: The data specified within the request is invalid.}, {System Msg: The data specified within the request is invalid.} )  ( [Rest Error]: {Status code: 400}, {Error code: 11011} , {Error Source: null}, {Error Msg: The value for the 'amazon_securityGroups' field is not a MultipleLiteral but the field is defined as MultiValued.}, {System Msg: The value for the field id amazon_securityGroups is not a MultipleLiteral but the field is defined as MultiValued.} )



    Below is the code of json that i need to fill in(i need it filled in like this because this is how vra sends it when i inspected it.)


    {"key":"amazon_provisionInto", "value":{"type":"string", "value":"subnet"}}

    {"key":"amazon_securityGroups", "value":{"type":"multiple", "elementTypeId":"INTEGER", "items":[{"type":"integer", "value":805}]}}


    below is my json code


    // this code works = "subnet";

    System.log(; = 18;


    //this code doesnt work = 805;




    I have added the subnet in a VPC code and the subnet id code to show code of mine that works.


    Anyone have any ideas as to why the AWS security group one fails?

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    Anyone have vRA 7.3 Small Deployment with HA architecture, in the vRA 7.3 Reference Architecture mentioned small deployment without HA and the Medium deployment will contain 8 Servers




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    After powering on IaaS server,  VCAC Management Agent service had stopped. When we tried to start the service we got the below error as seen in the below image. And also services were not showing as registered in VRA root console.  So we tried reinstalling agent in IaaS server and after that VCAC Management Agent service was up and running. But still services were not showing as registered in VRA root console. Anyone who can guide me on same?

    mgmtservice failed.png

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    I am trying to migrate a vm from one host and it datastore to another host. There is no cluster vcenter server. Both hosts have individual datastore. I am automating migration and using Relocate or Migrate methods. but i am getting error when the request for migrating vm is submitted.



    A specified parameter was not correct: spec.pool


    Please suggest me what wrong i am doing here ?


    resource_pool = vm.resourcePool
        print destination_host
        print vm
        print resource_pool


        migrate_priority = vim.VirtualMachine.MovePriority.defaultPriority


        msg = "Migrating %s to destination host %s" % (inputs['vm_name'], inputs['destination_host'])
        print msg
        print destination_host
        print migrate_priority
        print vm


        #Live Migration :: Change host only
        #import pdb;pdb.set_trace();
        #print help(vm.Migrate)
        print dir(vm.Migrate)
        task = vm.Migrate(host=destination_host, priority=migrate_priority)
        print task


        # Wait for Migrate to complete
        wait_for_task(task, si)


    except vmodl.MethodFault, e:
        print "Caught vmodl fault: %s" % e.msg
        return 1
    except Exception, e:
        print "Caught exception: %s" % str(e)
        return 1

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    Hi All,


    we are in process of deploying linux vm using  blueprint (vanila install).

    stub workflow worked fine but vm failed during guest customization .

    Please suggest some possible troubleshoting steps.




    thanks in advance.

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    Hi all,


    I have an event broker workflow that runs on VMPSMasterWorkflow32.MachineProvisioned lifecycle state. If that workflow fails, I want VRA to also fail the deployment. Is that possible to do?

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    I was upgrading the VRO from 5.5.3 to 6.0.5

    but it got failed at the end with the following error.


    Custom Action:            com.vmware.o11n.ia.actions.ActionCallGenerateSSLKeyPair

                              Status: ERROR

                              Additional Notes: ERROR -     class com.vmware.o11n.ia.actions.ActionCallGenerateSSLKeyPair.install() runtime exception:


    also attached th complete logs.



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