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    1. I Clone VM of Window server 2012 r2 and after this make a blueprint.
    2. Create a Network profile which assign to portgroup in resources and add or connect the External Network(Network Profile) in the blueprint.


    After the Deployment complete vRealize shown that IP is assigned to VM but when i open the VM there is not that IP assign to this VM.


    I am attaching the following screenshots.

    1. Network Profile

    2. Network assign to portgroup.

    3. Blueprint

    4. Item after completion the VM Deployment.
    5. Check IP though CMD.

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  • 01/08/18--18:40: vRA manages endpoint in vMSC
  • Is there a way that my tenants can decide which site a VM will be provisioned?

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    Hi All,


    SNMP traps are not getting forwarded from VROPS ,what all needs to be checked.

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    Hi, experts

    In vRA7.3 an error occurred when I submited a request in the attached, and could you help me this issue? thanks a lot!

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    Hi All,


    Has anybody got the capacity alerts for reservations working? I have the email to business group manager ticked, have also tried a another user in the recipient box, still nothing. Have set the sliders low to make sure they should fire off the alerts.


    All the other emails out of vra appear to be working ok, version is 7.01.


    Would appreciate any comments, cheers

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  • 01/10/18--14:37: vRA and Meltdown/Spectre
  • As management cares only about the dashboard being all "green", I have two questions on updates for the vRA appliance.  First, the compatibility mode.  My appliance after deploying was set to version 7.  With the new patches we need to go to at least 9.  Any problems upgrading that? (I'm on vRA 7.3).


    And any idea on an ETA to get the OS patched for the appliance?  I'm guessing it'll be in the next version, but like I mentioned, management loves their green dashboards.

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    Hi there,


    I'm experiencing the problem described in this post but in my case, I am afraid that there is a "caching" issue.

    During the IaaS prerequisite checks I saw an error only on one of my two IaaS nodes regarding JAVA_HOME, it is not detected.

    However, Java is installed and the %JAVA_HOME% variable are set in the same way on both of my two IaaS servers.


    I decided to go through this error, hoping Java would be correctly detected during the installation step. It failed...

    At the IaaS DB cretation step, the script failed because java.exe was not found. Normal as  the script used this path "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_102\bin\bin\java.exe" while JAVA_HOME is set on C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_102\bin


    I guess that this is an issue with the vcac management agent...


    So just one question, is there any cache that can be purged ? If there is not any, I think I will be forced to reinstall Java (at least...)


    Thanks in advance

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  • 01/11/18--05:09: XaaS Workflows Orchestrator
  • Hello,

    i have a question about integrating orchestrator Workflows as an XaaS Blueprint.

    I have done the following.

    1. Add an Orchestrator Endpoint and configure it to use the local (vrealize automation) server with username and password

    2. configure an Blueprint to create a snapshot. The create a snapshot should use the default orchestrator workflow to create a snap.

    3. add that workflow to the catalog.


    But when i try to create a snapshot using the blueprint, i could not browse the vcenter server to create a vm snap. The windows is still empty.

    I check the data collection of the orchestrator and it show me that the collection status was succedded.

    I also have started the service on the host but the issue is still there.




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    Hi guys


    I need to get the custom properties of a machine over the vRA rest api. We currently have vRA 7.3 in place.


    The strange thing they seems not to be available on the machine resource itself e.g.





    I searched now hours to find a way in the REST API doc of vRealize Automation 7.3. But without any success.


    Use case I:

    I have to get the custom property Snapshot.Policy.Limit value of a machine.


    Use case II:

    I have to get all the custom properties of a machine.


    I hope you can help me with this issue. Thanks a lot in advance.








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    I am attempting to migrate existing workloads in vCloud Director 6.0.1 to vRA 7.2. The workflow I'm going to use is as follows:

    1.       Shutdown each vm

    2.       Shutdown the vApp

    3.       Remove all snapshots

    4.       Consolidate disks

    5.       Make a backup of the original .vmx file for each vm.

    6.       Update the virtual machine config to remove the value for cloud.uuid and update the value for displayName to be the hostname minus the vCD uuid. This is ok to do in our environment, as there are no duplicate hostnames in use.

    7.       Unregister the vm from vCenter

    8.       Create a new folder and vmx file and move the virtual disk(s) to this new folder.

    9.       Register the new vmx (keep the UUID)

    10.   Rename the vCAC vm entity to match the name in vCenter

    11.   Run the vCAC plugin work flow named "Import vCenter Virtual Machine"

    12.  Delete the vCD vApp


    Step 11 is where I am running into problems.. I've been through the documentation, and run through a number of Google searches... nada.


    I wonder if anyone has the Blueprint configuration required to import a vCenter VM into vRA 7.2?


    Thank you in advance,


    Roger the flummoxed

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    Has anyone gone through the steps to deploy something like vRA or vROS via vRLCM into multiple data-centers?


    We are following VVD 4.1 and most of it is written with a Region A, Region B example  but the vRLCM guide is not yet.  Just trying to figure out if that means i have to.


    a.  only list one data-center in vRLCM and list our global vCenters in it

    b. only deploy to our Region A data-center with vRLCM and then manually Deploy to B,C,D,ect.



    or if i am missing something obvious.



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    We are working on deploying the vRealize tools via the Life-cycle Management tool and since vRLCM is so new am having trouble finding clarification on how the certificate or certificates should be generated. I think i have to paths that it could be but i could be missing something.


    1. generate one certificate with the CN being the FQDN of vRLCM  and then SAN of both short and fqdn for ALL vRealize Vms,Vips,aliases suite wide

    2. generate separate certificates for each vRealize tool, each only containing their releated vm,vip,ect information.



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    Hi All,


    How can I deploy a Blueprint for other users (on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that) in vRealize Automation 7.x?


    In vRA 6.x, I had users with no entitlement for services (they can't deploy VMs) and, as a Business Group Admin I can deploy a VM using the Custom Property "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" specifying a user, so the deployed VM appears in the user's Items Tab.


    In vRA 7.x this doesn't work neither setting the property in the Deployment nor the Virtual Machine. The deployment and the Virtual Machine appears in the Admin's Items Tab rather than the User's.


    Thanks a lot,

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    When adding a Text Area element to a xaas blueprint using the blueprint designer there are three options for the size of the Text Area box, Small, Medium, and Large. I am in need a a larger sized text area box than any of the options give me. Is there a way to increase the size of the box?


    I am trying to create a blueprint where the user can edit/create a role in chef using a vRO workflow. The json text in the role can be long and editing in the small box is challenging, in particular for the long lines that break in funny places and makes it hard to follow. Ideally the size of the box would be dynamically sized based on the content, however having that would just be a bonus.


    Any help in creating a larger text area box is appreciated.




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    Trying to configure a Resource Action in vRA for a day 2 operation on an item (more specifically changing the storage policy of a VM disk). The Resource action maps to a vRO workflow.
    This action has two inputs. When it comes to defining the values of one of those inputs called vCenterVM, the vcVM field in "Define Field Values" is greyed way to select it. While the selection works fine for the other input (IAAServer).

    Here are the details:
    - name of the Resource Action: "Hassan-Change Storage Policy for Storage Migration"
    - this resource action applies to VMs. It maps to a vRO workflow called "Change Storage Policy for storage migration".
    - this workflow has 5 input parameters:

         storage policyName   // string
         option                        // string
         diskNum                   // number
         iaasHost                  // vCAC:VCACHost
         vcVM                      // VC:VirtualMachine

    - The first three input parameters (policyName, option and diskNum) will be entered by the user in the XaaS form exposed to him. These will determine which VM disks will be migrated and where (to which storage policy they should be migrated based on policy name).

    - To select the policyName, we will add a drop-down that will map to a vRO action that retrieves the storage policies names from the vCenter SPBM API.


    This vRO action requires two inputs to run: vCenterVM and IAASServer. Those should be mapped to the last two workflow inputs (iaasHost and vcVM).

    And here's my problem:

    when I select IAAServer, I am able to select IaaS Server in the Define Field Values. See below:

    However, when I select vCenterVM, I am not able to select the vcVM field. It is greyed out. Please see below:

    Can anyone please advise why the field vcVM above is greyed out when trying to set a value for vCenterVM. Both parameters are of type VC:VirtualMachine.



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    We followed the instructions for version 3.0 of the plugin, SNOW release is Istanbul. After input of username/password the spinning wheel is running for ever. Nothing happens. Any help appreciated.

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  • 01/15/18--07:52: Workspace one Bind details
  • I have an issue with connecting my domain with workspace one. I want to integrate a AD with Windows-vertification. i succeded once but had to reinstall my workspace server. Now i have a problem.


    I have to connect my domain details en user bind details. Even though i entered the correct information for both users its gives an error that the Bind user details aren't correct even though they are. i added multpe new users to my domain and added them to the Domain admins and Administrators groups. They didn't work either.


    Can someone please help me with this problem.

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    I have 450 GB disk storage for my Vrealize log insight virtual appliance (Storage/Core)


    when i go to administration TAB and monitor the live storage space, it will filled up half of the disk space.


    it makes me worried if space gets full then what happens. I do not want to enable archiving in my environment.


    So is it possible to restructure the retention policy and i can i set the retention of my requirement i.e it will not occupy full storage core disk as it occupy half of the storage core disk.


    Is there any mechanism of auto logs purging, that is cam logs will be auto purged if it will reach up to the defined space threshold.


    Waiting for the response.

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    Hello Guys,


    Can anyone help me to understand if we have any document available which explains End to End life cycle of resource modification.

    Example : 1. Deployed vm by using blueprint , while deployment process it will interact IaaS component(WAPI are the first one to take request and convert to xml and pass to Repository for resource check from SQL Database ant then DEM-W/O etc) to completed the vm deployment.

    2. Same way if i am using existing vm(Deployed from vRA) which has 2 CPU and 4 GB Memory now i wanted to modify the resources from 2 to 4 CPU and 4 to 8 GB Memory, So during this process will it interact with IaaS service to complete the process(which i think no) or vRO workflow will drive the process of resource modification, looking detail explanation.?

    2. Also if performing start/stop operation on VM from vRA what all service it will use to complete the process e.g will it use IaaS component etc.?


    Thanks so much in advance.


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  • 06/07/17--23:35: SPBM VRA 7.3 and ESXI 6.5
  • Hello,


    I am trying to integrate SPBM with VRA 7.3 on a ESXI 6.5 platform. I followed the installation guide from  vRealize Automation and Storage Policy Based Management Framework Integration.


    When I request a new Blueprint and it tries to retrieve the Storage Policies from vCenter, I get the following error on VCO logs:


    -06-06 07:14:50.760] [I]

    [2017-06-06 07:14:51.109] [I] REST host added:

    [2017-06-06 07:14:51.163] [I]

    [2017-06-06 07:14:51.469] [I] REST host added:

    [2017-06-06 07:14:51.506] [I] Login into vCenter

    [2017-06-06 07:14:51.509] [I] Connecting to vCenter...

    [2017-06-06 07:14:54.618] [I] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenc=""





    <soapenv:Fault><faultcode>ServerFaultCode</faultcode><faultstring>Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password.</faultstring><detail><InvalidLoginFault xmlns="urn:vim25" xsi:type="InvalidLogin"></InvalidLoginFault></detail></soapenv:Fault>



    [2017-06-06 07:14:54.666] [I] REST host removed: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class] -- VALUE : RESTHost [name=, id=7421670e-cc8b-4e8b-a9d9-426bf869978b, url=, connectionTimeout=30, operationTimeout=60, hostVerification=false, proxyHost=, proxyPort=0,, resourceId=null, privateKeyId=null]

    [2017-06-06 07:14:54.718] [I] REST host removed: DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [RESTHost]-[class] -- VALUE : RESTHost [name=, id=dd5de81d-e57d-4d2f-bf64-655005ed33e5, url=, connectionTimeout=30, operationTimeout=60, hostVerification=false, proxyHost=, proxyPort=0,, resourceId=null, privateKeyId=null]

    [2017-06-06 07:14:54.757] [E] Workflow execution stack:


    item: 'Get All Storage Policies from vCenter/item8', state: 'failed', business state: 'null', exception: 'Connect to the vCenter failed (Workflow:Get All Storage Policies from vCenter / Get All Storage Policy Names (item1)#35)'

    workflow: 'Get All Storage Policies from vCenter' (2838d33c-a3a4-4c90-bcc0-3494c3bcd9b1)

    |  'attribute': name=vcName type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=vcUrl type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=authentication type=string value=NONE

    |  'attribute': name=authUserName type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=authPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=consumerKey type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=consumerSecret type=SecureString value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=accessToken type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=accessTokenSecret type=SecureString value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=connectionTimeout type=number value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=operationTimeout type=number value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=sessionMode type=string value=Shared Session

    |  'attribute': name=oauth2Token type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=workstation type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=domain type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=useProxy type=boolean value=false

    |  'attribute': name=proxyPort type=number value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=proxyHost type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=ignoreWarnings type=boolean value=false

    |  'attribute': name=hostVerification type=boolean value=false

    |  'attribute': name=key type=Configurator:Key value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=proxyAuthentication type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=proxyAuthUserName type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=proxyAuthPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

    |  'attribute': name=proxySessionMode type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=vcHost type=REST:RESTHost value=dunes://'dd5de81d-e57d-4d2f-bf64-655005ed33e5'&dunesName='REST:RESTHost'

    |  'attribute': name=pbmHost type=REST:RESTHost value=dunes://'7421670e-cc8b-4e8b-a9d9-426bf869978b'&dunesName='REST:RESTHost'

    |  'attribute': name=pbmName type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=pbmUrl type=string value=

    |  'attribute': name=errorCode type=string value=Connect to the vCenter failed (Workflow:Get All Storage Policies from vCenter / Get All Storage Policy Names (item1)#35)

    |  'input': name=vcIp type=string

    |  'input': name=vcUsername type=string

    |  'input': name=vcPassword type=SecureString value=__NULL__

    |  'output': name=storagePolicyNames type=Array/string value=null

    |  'attribute': name=__asd_composition_blueprintId type=string value=Red8WindowsServer2016SPBM

    |  'attribute': name=__blueprintId type=string value=Red8WindowsServer2016SPBM

    |  'attribute': name=__asd_composition_componentId type=string value=vSphere__vCenter__Machine_1

    |  'attribute': name=__requestedForUserId type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

    |  'attribute': name=__tenantId type=string value=vsphere.local

    |  'attribute': name=__asd_requestedBy type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

    |  'attribute': name=__asd_requestedFor type=string value=vraadmin@vsphere.local

    |  'attribute': name=__asd_tenantRef type=string value=vsphere.local

    |  'attribute': name=__componentId type=string value=vSphere__vCenter__Machine_1

    *** End of execution stack.



    Running the Workflow from the VRO Client plugin and inputing manually the vCenter Credentials, it gets all the Storage Policies successfully.


    Any help will be appreciated.



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