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    Hey,I ve 2 questions related to Vra7.2.
    1-I ve created a blueprint and assign external profile in blueprint.When I create windows machine it shows on portal IT is allocated but in machine its was not assigned .What could be the problem ?
    2-I assigned custom property to ask machine hostname when user request .But its not assign same Hostname internally in windows machine just assign externally (vCenter.)

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    Hi everyone


    Can somebody tell me what this feature does?

    Based on the description I was hoping that by activating it, I can tell vRA to stop execute the next workflow in case the previous one failed. Like for example:


    BuildingMachine PRE - WF1, Blocking, Stop Processing checked, Priority 1

    BuildingMachine PRE - WF2, Blocking, Stop Processing not checked, Priority 2


    So if WF1 fails, I expected WF2 not to be executed and EBS going to Disposing PRE. In my tests it did not make a difference if "Stop processing if workflow fails" was checked or not. The behavior was always the same. If WF1 failed, it executed WF2, did not create the VM, executed all BuildingMachine POST WFs and went then to Disposing PRE.



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    I'm trying to get any useful information from the payload sent by a Change Lease operation, so I can also adjust the destruction time. My workflow is receiving the payload and several __asd_* inputs, but none of them seem to refer to anything I can use to look up the vm or deployment.


    None of these actually refer to a catalog item, catalog item request, or resource action request, as far as I can tell. They all throw 404 errors when I try to look them up with another workflow:








    I can go through vRO's browser to find requests and items, and then paste those IDs in to my workflows, and that works.


    Any nudge in the right direction would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • 11/29/18--10:06: VRA blueprint editor error
  • What is this error " An unexpected error occurred while opening the Editor" in the vsphere vcenter machine type in the vra blueprint

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    Hi all

    Is it possible to assign a vm that managed by vcenter server to a vrealize automation user?



    one of our partners wants to replicate their vm to my infrastructure via vsphere replication and i wanted to grant them the ability to manage their replicated vm in the vrealize automation




    Thank you

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    There is a role in vRA Secure Export Consumer. What is the use of this role?

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    Hi Team,


    How to change VM ownership by workflow.

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    ESXi 5.5


    Multi Tenant


    I have an issue with Win 10 v1803 in vRA. It is not assigning an IP and is instead picking up APIPA 169.x.x.x address.


    We use VMWare Guest customisation scripts to set the hostname and IP.


    I have had this issue previously and normally do the following:


    Delete the NIC and regkeys.

    Upgrade VMTools

    Turn down the aggressiveness of DRS

    Sysprep – check Win10 isn’t failing on a package


    These have all resolved in the past.


    Previously the VM would never finish provisioning, it would eventually fail and delete. These VMs are completing as successful – they just don’t have the IP.


    We have Win 7 images and W10v1607 images creating fine. The VMWare guest customisation script is an old one and works fine for other templates. It is set
    to prompt for IP. vRA should then pass the next IP at provisioning.


    I have tried all of the usual tricks above plus:


    New VMWare Cust scripts.

    Testing network profiles from other tenants

    Testing the same template in other tenants

    Recreating the Win10 template

    Rebooting IAAS and Appliance

    Set a static IP in the blueprint – this works

    Set a static IP in the cust script and provision a VM direct in VMWare – this works.


    It seems that the script is working. The VM is provisioned. My only issue is that it will not pick up an IP via DHCP (direct from vRA – there is no DHCP server).


    I have on/off issues with v1709 too however that works in some tenants. V1803 I cannot get too work anywhere.







    Couple of things to add......


    We have an old instance that we are migrating from. VRA 6.3.4. I have created blueprints for v1803 and it worked on there.


    I have also tested Win10 v1709 on vRA 7.2 - worked on one tenant, failed on another tenant (Same blueprint, only difference is the network profiles)


    So as it stands. Win10 (any version) fails on some tenants but v1709 works on one tenant.

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    Hi ,


    What can cause the Infra TAB to display error of REPO404 :- " Service Unreachable – A required service cannot be reached at the expected address. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Reference error REPO404 " .


    PS: -

    -- All the vRA services are up and running perfectly fine.

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    I am working on the API's of vRealize Automation 7.2. In this there is one step to create Reservation.
    For that purpose i required a API call for memory which give me the details about the Memory of Cluster.


    I am unable to find out that API call if anyone knows that API call.
    Kindly share with me that API call and format of Request.


    I am also attaching the screen shot of process which i required API call.


    Thanks for time




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    I have created a XaaS blue print by "add user to group members"


    upgrading hp server_026.jpg

    all of my user are on the active directory and i have created active directory endpoint int vra configurations

    I just want to the current user that has logged on shows in the "users to add" field not any other user

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    I'm one emmbeded vRA 7.2 Orchestrator instance. I've configured a few Cafe Hosts and try to query them vor VMs.

    For my workflow I need to load all VMs in the system. I did this so far with

    var vCACCAFEVMs = Server.findAllForType("vCACCAFE:CatalogResource");

    However, this does not seem to work with one hosts, where about 140 VMs are placed. Smaller Hosts, where about 10 VMs are laced currently, are loading the VMs fine.

    When I try to check on the VMs in the plugin directly (under the vRA Hosts), after clicking on the "Items" folder no items are loaded.


    Is there a way to efficienlty load all Cafe VMs in a short time? I found a quick workaround but it's taking about 15-20 minutes instead of 1-2 as it was previously...

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  • 12/05/18--03:50: Win7 Guest Customisation
  • I am recreating my templates from our old vRA 6.2.3 to the new one 7.3


    Old templates were P2V physical machines with our internal image.


    On the new setup I am creating a blank Win7 x86 template. It is installed and set as template.


    Our Guest customisation script does 2 things - sets the hostname to the VM name, assigns an IP from vRA IPAM. These both work.


    The issue is, the VM completes but the OS itself sits at the setup page waiting for the following answers:  Locales & TimeZone, Username, Password, EULA.



    None of the other W7 templates do this, using the same Cust scripts.


    I know I can recreate the cust script and add a sysprep answer file - though not needed to in the past - but I'm unsure this will do what I need for the hostname (you lose that option to use the VM name).


    So does 7.3 process the Guest Customisation differently? How can I get the VM to complete and boot into the OS without any questions?


    I have also done the following:


    1. Run a full sysprep on the VM before saving as template

    2. Tested an old Win7 template (P2V Image) that didn't do this on the old vRAC - and this worked fine using the same Guest Cust script.

    3. Added custom properties such as

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    I am trying to find a way to deploy each instance on a multiple instance deployment sequentially. What I have noticed is when I choose more than one instance on a request, each instance is processed at the same time. So, if I choose 12 instances and the blueprint is using a clone workflow, then 12 clones will fire off at once from the same template. This can hammer the datastore. I would like to find away to make each instance deploy one at a time. I have not been able to find a custom property for this.


    So far my workaround has been to drag multiple machines onto the blueprint canvas and then make them dependent on each other. This forces the machines to deploy one at a time. However, dragging 12 machines onto a blueprint and then editing the custom properties on each one is very tedious and time consuming. There is no way to copy and paste a machine with all it's properties on the canvas. It would be much easier to have one machine on the blueprint, but deploy multiple instances.


    Any help on this would be appreciated.



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    I have noticed the VraExpandDisk = 1 Advanced setting in the Storage DRS Configuration, but could not find any documentation regarding this parameter.

    Does anyone know what this does?

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    Getting SSLHandshakeException error while executing "copy file from vCO to guest" workflow from vRO.


    Exception: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target (Workflow:Copy file from vCO to guest / Scriptable task (item1)#12)

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    Hi everyone!

    I wonder is there any possibility to get DEM workers status information by REST API call (or any other way). I need to query status of all DEM workers that can be observed in Infracstructure->Monitoring->Distributed Execution Status.

    Searched everywhere but with no luck. I wonder if it is even possible?

    I even agree to parse it directly from the webpage ( but i cannot use invoke-webrequest properly. I'm able to get the token , and stuck.

    Any ideas?

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    Author : pgilday

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Set vRealize Automation appliance Session Timeout

    Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

    Question :

    How do I change the sessions timeout for vrealize automation 7.5

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    We are having following scenario for user request for on vRA


    1st user will choose only one location of site as an example


    Dropdown menu :





    after that they should see following option on Environment tab i.e






    if they choose "Site" as "London" and "Environment" as "Production" then from back end it should automatically choose 1 Production Clusters from multiple


    just need a help to resolve this either from a workflow or from custom properties


    Please suggest

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