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    I have some values od type boolean, but notices that after changing its values, submiting request returns it to its dafult values (strange behaviour). So could  someone explain how to avoid this behaviour?




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    I need to create an AD group everytime a machine is being created by requesting a blueprint. I have and Windows Server 2012 bluprint in place and added a XaaS bluprint to it. I used default "Create a user group in an organizational unit" vRO workflow. Right now when I execute the blueprint, I could deploy new windows Server and an AD group is created in specific OU that I configured.


    What I need to be done is to configure a custome variable name for the groups like ABC### which the numbers increment everytime a group in being created and also add that group to local Adminstrator group of deployed machine.


    What is the best way to get this done in vRA?




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    We have vRA 7.0.2 and we had a working integration with aws endpoint and we were spinning up instances in AWS from vRA

    All of a sudden althought the compute collections are a success ....the aws resrevations do not listVPCs and page keeps spinning loading

    The AWS blueprints fail to deploy with error


    CompId: [zyz], BlueprintRequestId: [b61663f7-1cf7-43b2-8dec-185b3a5b7a77], RootCafeRequestId: [ded93dc4-a856-44e3-b31f-bdf3675f011f], SubtenantId: [e757624d-3f7a-453c-83f3-e5fe8f3ade17]] with binding id [a698a0e1-e1cf-4e35-9782-b039f66f4026] failed with [{ "error": "invalid_token", "error_description": "Invalid suite token"


    Can anyone suggest what could be the problem ....or troublehshooting that can be done to resolve this..we have current AWS subscriptions and compute resources are green with successful inventory colection




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    In previous version of vRA 7, it was possible to thick ""Display location on request" on the design bluprint canvas to enable displaying location when loading a VM request.





    In vRA 7.4, in the custom form design, i can't found the "Display location on request" that can be find in the design blueprint canvas. In the left pan, there is no property available to select location



    How do we display this property in the custom form design because we are unable to selection location when the custom form is enabled


    Thanks for your help

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    After a few attempts to harden my distributed vRA environments (7.3 and 7.4), running through the steps of the appropriate security hardening guide, with no success, I was able to finally identify the missing information that drove me up the wall.  After implementing the steps identified in the hardening guides, the infrastructure tab would not display and gave a 404 error.  In hopes of saving others this pain, refer to this KB article which will save you hours: . The missing piece is Enable the "SchUseStrongCrypto" property in the Windows registry to enable dotNet to use as default TLS 1.0+ protocols.  After a quick reboot, I finally had a functioning infrastructure tab! 

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    Trying to find the programmatic equivalent of using a Custom Form for a Blueprint Request using the vRA API.


    I have been able to request a token, get entitledCatalogItemViews, and get "template" information for a specific Blueprint Catalog Item.  I am able to use this template to make a subsequent request but it mirrors the information requested in the default non-custom form.  I prefer to use an equivalent of the Custom Form I created instead where the input fields are greatly simplified and I use logic in the Custom Form to fill in specific custom properties in the blueprint before deployment.


    I do see the "api/consumer/catalogItems/{id}/forms/details" in the api documentation, but I can't get it to return anything for blueprints or Xaas, so I am unsure what this is supposed to do.  I can't find examples of this being used either.  Can't tell whether I should invest time in troubleshooting this since I dont know if it is what I want.


    Wondering how to use the API to mimic using the Custom Form instead of the default Blueprint form.



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    I find the followinf article at the introduction site   New! vRealize Automation 7.5 – Helping IT Enable Developer Productivity.

    What’s New in vRealize Automation 7.5


    Enterprise-ready ServiceNow plugin– With vRA 7.5, we will be featuring a new version of the ServiceNow plugin that will be ServiceNow certified in Q3 and will now have enterprise-level support.  The plugin enables users to consume vRA catalog items through ServiceNow, based on vRA entitlements and ServiceNow governance.  This new plugin features easier plug-in configuration, multi-vRA Support, day 2 Enhancements, and custom Forms Support, providing improved time-to-value, lower TCO, and complete day 2 integration.



    I will just test the vRA plugin version 4.0 released by ServiceNow on Augest 2018 as follows.$!/store/application/843ac90edb120300435fd001cf96190a/4.0.0?referer=sn_appstore…



    But I think vRA plugin version 4.0  is not same as an Enterprise-ready ServiceNow plugin introduced in vRA 7.5.

    I want to confirm whether both plugin is not same.

    If you have any information about release date of Enterprise-ready ServiceNow plugin included in vRA 7.5, please let me know.


    Thanks a lot,

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    Hi All,

    Hoping this is a really easy question. I provisioned a few VMs and noticed that the range that i had selected for my network profile accidentally overlapped with a few existing machines that are not in VCAC yet. I have changed the IP addressees of the provisioned machines to correct the situation however for some reason VCAC hasn't picked up the change. In this example i provisioned the server as and have changed the IP address to (in the windows network settings) however when i look at the IP Ranges tab in VCAC its still showing the server as Is there any way to force VCAC to detect the change in IP address? I ran an inventory scan in VCAC and it completed successfully but the IP address is still listed as in the IP range tab.

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    I am using Custom Form logic to determine the Network Path for Network0 in a Blueprint request.  Works great.


    In the form I also have a boolean value asking whether a Backup network interface is required.  If "Yes", the Custom Form logic populates VirtualMachine.Network1.Name with the appropriate Network Path, and this too works fine. Problem is that I don't have a way to not assign a Network1 if the boolean value is "No".  With "No", the request will fail with "No reservation available that has all specified networks: network-PG and ."  (second specified network is <blank>)


    The error makes sense, but is there a way to use Custom Form logic to add or not add a Network1 interface in the initial VM request stage, or would that decision have to be made during a later lifecycle stage after the VM has been provisioned (with only Network0) from blueprint?

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    I have a second tenant configured along with the default vsphere.local.  On the second tenant I enabled a third party iDP with my on-prem ADFS (SAML) server.  Now when I connect to the second tenant I cannot login with any of the local tenant admin accounts.  Does anyone know how to bypass iDP and login with a local tenant account?

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    Hi guy,


    According to the manual we need few step to configure a new location.


    So, i follow these step, but i'm unable use the new location. Perhaps someone could find what i'm missing ?


    Here is the error while requesting a new VM on this location :

    Error requesting machine. Allocate reservation operation failed for business group DOPROD. No reservation available on location AUTO to allocate the requested resources.].

    Here is my configuration :

    Sans titre.png


    New location "AUTO" is viewed under compute resource


    Sans titre2.png


    In the blueprint, the property has been added :


    Sans titre3.png


    And the property is defined like this:


    Sans titre4.png



    The blueprint with custom form is this :


    Sans titre5.png


    When i submit the blueprint, it crash with the error : no location found in business group.


    It works for the 2 datacenter named PACSV/T


    Thanks for you help

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  • 09/25/17--20:41: vRA custom validation issue
  • Hello Community,


    I'm pretty new to vRA and vRA as well as scripting. I've been working on a custom validation for the user input.


    •      When user input the value in the "Name" field, it'll triggered a workflow to send API call to an Appliance.
    •      If the value exist, it'll return value exist. Else, return empty string


    Well, i build the workflow from vRO and tested it. The result as below:

    • With a new record "abc", no error. - Passed
    • With an existing record "test", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Passed
    • Switch back to a new record "def", no error. - Passed


    Then I made an XaaS blueprint based on the mentioned workflow, and create the blueprint from the XaaS blueprint.

    Perform the same test and got the result below:

    • With a new record "abc", no error. - Passed
    • With an existing record "test", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Passed
    • Switch back to a new record "def", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Failed


    This got me puzzled as i've no idea where to look at since the vRO workflow worked just fine. Can anyone shed some light?

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    It is my pleasure to announce that VMware vRealize Automation 7.5.0and vRealize Orchestrator 7.5.0 are now available.

    What's New?



    Modernized UI and Consumer UX

    vRealize Automation has a new look and feel and streamlined flows for common self-service tasks.

    ·       UI updated to VMware Clarity standard

    ·       Larger catalog cards show more of the description

    ·       Cleaner catalog view

    o  Multiple instances of the same catalog item across business groups are now rolled up; the user selects the business group at request time

    ·       Items and Requests tab merged into new Deployments tab

    ·       Request details for decommissioned resources moved to the Administration tab

    ·       Improved status of in-progress requests

    ·       History view shows all requests associated with a single deployment over time

    ·       Improved search capabilities across product menus and objects

    ·       Contextual access to documentation from the product UI

    ·       Home page and portlets are deprecated in this release

    ·       Save button on requests is deprecated in this release

    Improved Integration with vRealize Operations

    This release introduces deployment dashboards for application owners and enhancements to intelligent workload placement capabilities via integration with vRealize Operations.

    ·       Show deployment alerts and key metrics (CPU, memory, IOPS, and network) for machines in the deployment details view

    ·       Enable optimization of vRealize Automation managed workloads to align with vRealize Operations placement policy

    o  This builds on an earlier integration for optimizing initial placement to allow ongoing optimization of existing workloads

    For information, see vRealize Operations Manager Based Monitoring and Continuous Optimization Using vRealize Operations Manager.

    Configuration Automation Framework

    Native integration with external Ansible Tower configuration management tool.

    ·       OOTB support for Ansible Tower as first class citizens in vRealize Automation

    ·       Drag and drop Ansible Tower object in the Blueprint design canvas

    ·       Parameterize and support early and late binding/request time

    ·       Dynamically select Ansible job templates,including playbooks, for application configuration

    ·       Support Day 2 actions to register or decommission machines

    For information, see Create an Ansible Endpoint and Add an Ansible Component to a vSphere Blueprint.

    NSX-T Data Center Native Integration

    vRealize Automation now has native integration with NSX-T Data Center.

    ·       OOTB support for NSX-T Data Center as first class citizen in vRealize Automation

    ·       Drag and drop the following NSX-T Data Center services in the blueprint design canvas

    o  On-demand load balancer

    o  On-demand routed network

    o  On-demand NAT 1-to-many network

    o  Existing security group

    ·       Support Day 2 actions

    o  Update security applied to a deployed VM

    o  Change NAT rules for on-demand NAT network

    For information, see Create a NSX-T Endpoint, Understanding NSX-T Deployment Topologies, and Designing Blueprints with NSX-T Settings.

    Microsoft Azure Blueprint Enhancements

    ·       Support for Azure Managed Disks

    ·       Enhanced Support for Azure regions

    For information, see Create a Microsoft Azure Endpoint and Create a Blueprint for Microsoft Azure.

    Install, Upgrade, Migrate, and Patching Improvements

    For more information, see Installing or Upgrading vRealize Automation.

    Troubleshooting Improvements

    ·       Improvements to Force Delete/Re-Submit (failed/orphaned deployments)

    ·       Post-migration validation

    ·       Consistent log tracing across solution

    ·       Expose trace-id to the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in API

    vRO database clustering and configuration

    ·       vRO database configuration moved to vRA VAMI

    ·       Embedded vRO database (Postgres) is now able to be clustered and supports failover.

    Custom Forms Improvements

    For more information about custom forms, see Customizing Blueprint Request Forms.

    Event Broker Improvements

    For more information, see Define Workflow Subscriptions Details and Assigning a Workflow to a Subscription.


    For more information about product language support, see the VMware Product Globalization Guide.

    vRealize Orchestrator 7.5

    vRealize Orchestrator 7.5 introduces a number of improvements, bug fixes, and extends the automated configuration with new options:

    ·       With the updated Orchestrator Client you can:

    o  Run and re-run workflows

    o  Monitor performance data and real time tracking of the workflow execution

    o  Import and export packages

    o  Create and edit scheduled workflows

    ·       Introducing a new method of the internal Postgres database clustering and migration vRealize Orchestrator through the VAMI interface

    o  Database configuration is moved to VAMI

    o  Join and remove cluster nodes operations are moved to the VAMI

    o  The embedded Postgres database is clusterable and supports failover.
    Support for all external databases (mssql, oracle, etc) has been discontinued.


    ·       Troubleshooting

    o  Export vRealize Orchestrator plug-in configuration with log bundle

    o  Inspect inputs and outputs of the nested workflows after run is completed

    o  The API to get filtered list of script actions by datatype given


    Documentation and Links:



    Builds #:

    vRealize Automation:  10053539
    vRealize Orchestrator: 10059485

    Release Notes:

    vRealize Automation 7.5:

    vRealize Orchestrator 7.5:

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    Hi all,

    Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way ....


    I created the standard Custom Property from vRO Action getApplicableReservationPolicies  (as described in the Custom Property Doc page 116....just the normal stuff that one uses since 7.0)

    Now I thought I give the new CustomForms a go and I run into problems.

    The Property is in the selction...thats fine...BUT it dosnt use the CustomProperty definition I created. If one drags the Field onto the camvas and then runs stays empty and is a text field. So next I recreated the value by setting:

    • Appearance | Display type: DropDown
    • Values | Value options: External and then com.vmware.vra.reservations/getApplicableReservationPolicies

    Running that end with an error:

    Some data cannot be retrieved. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.;

    [1][macOS_10.13.3~ReservationPolicyID.valueList][com.vmware.vra.reservations/getApplicableReservationPolicies] Error occurred executing action. Error: [Unable to start action 'com.vmware.vra.reservations/getApplicableReservationPolicies'. Reason 'Action 'getApplicableReservationPolicies' in module 'com.vmware.vra.reservations' failed : Supplied tenant 'null' is different from the token's tenant 'applebuild' (unnamed script#9)'.]


    Which tells me that the context that was previously used to transport meta data between vRA and vRO isnt used anymore....


    ANYHOW...donst work for me.



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    Hi all,


    I've been trying to deploy a test instance of 7.5 and it's doing my head in.  The installation wizard will run through all the steps and when it finally gets to the installation phase, it will fail on the first step, "Configure Single Sign-On" with the status "Validation failed".   In the detail it has a reference to "Command failed due to timeout" and "Check the connectivity between VA and Management Agent".  In /var/log/messages I can see entries that seem to suggest it went through parts of the SSO setup correctly (things like "Processing command configure-sso")


    If I hit retry failed, it will sometimes progress through to the next step.  The furthest I've seen it get to so far is "Verify that all services are started" (3rd item) and each time it's showing the same sort of error claiming a timeout.  Anyone seen similar issues?  Thanks.

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    Dear all,


    Greetings to the VMTN community.


    I have a question - is there any way to create custom software components that I will be able to re-use in BPs designing, in the vRealize Automation Advance 7.3.0?


    Thanks in advance for the help.



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  • 09/25/18--01:09: vRA License Cost
  • If i have upgrade vRA and vRO form version 6.2 to 7. Do i need to purchase new license ?

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