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  • 08/21/18--07:44: vRA Software Component
  • Author :

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Install the Guest Agent on a Linux Reference Machine

    Publication Name : Preparing and Using Service Blueprints in vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

    Question :

    Ok, I'm running vRA 7.4. I added a software component (bash script) to a blueprint that creates a RHEL 7 virtual machine. The vRA guest automation agent/software bootstrap agent is installed and running on the RHEL 7 template that is being provisioned. I also prepared the Linux machine by running the script the agent provides. There is not a networking issue because I can reach everything (good ping, ssh, nslookup, etc.) I can't get the deployment to complete, the bash script does not execute. It just hangs up and then finally fails the deployment because the bash script is not run (times out).

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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in the process of integrating a vRA 7.4 Private Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

    I can deploy VMs with no problem

    When I delete a VM, vRA request fails with an error regarding being unable to execute a workflow with a certain ID. When I go to check that specific workflow on vRO, the result is successful, and I can see the deleted VM on the Azure log. This has been fixed by destroying the deployment instead of deleting the VM.

    My biggest problem comes when I try to power off a VM. The power off (Stop) works perfectly, but the VM state never refreshes and I never get 'Start' in the list of actions.

    I only get the 'Restart' action, and it fails since Azure requires the VM to be powered on in order to restart it.

    I'm not sure where to check. Has anything like this happened to you?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Guys


    I have cluster of VRA 7.4 where the master node ever lock the root user.


    When run pam_tally2 --user roor show me


    Login           Failures Latest failure     From

    root                13    08/21/18 17:04:15  <IP Secondary Node>


    In occasion show me

    Login           Failures Latest failure     From

    root                14   08/21/18 17:04:15



    I restart all VRA Appliance and start the master node and secondary node but the problem persist


    Is possible your help for resolved this issue





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    Has anyone been able to import an unmanaged vm with cloudclient 4.4? What's it asking for in the blueprintid field? I think I'm almost there.


    CloudClient>vra machines unmanaged register --owner --deploymentName deploysment1 --compositeBlueprintId MY_COMPOSITE_BLUEPRINT --reservationid reservationName --componentId vSphere_Machine_1 --vmid unmanagedVmName --blueprintid

    Here, I've tried MY_COMPOSITE_BLUEPRINT, which is also the name of the template that MY_COMPOSITE_BLUEPRINT clones.


    It complains thusly:

    com.vmware.cloudclient.exception.CloudClientException: Failed to convert 'MY_COMPOSITE_BLUEPRINT' to type VirtualMachineTemplateItem for option 'blueprintid'

    Error: Unable to find a VirtualMachineTemplateItem by the name or id 'MY_COMPOSITE_BLUEPRINT'.



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  • 08/22/18--15:23: vCAC:VCACHost Orcestrator
  • Hi,


    I'm scripting (still on the beginning of learning curve) in Orchestrator , find some examples that uses Server.findAllForType method and run it as:


    var hosts = Server.findAllForType("vCAC:VCACHost");


    But it returns undefined for hosts after running, so what have  I missed to read, prepare environment?  


    By the way I'm using Orchestrator integrated in VRA.




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    We recently migrated vRA from 7.0.1 to 7.4. 


    To import unmanaged machines into vRA we were leveraging  vRO and used following method on the vCACVirtualMachine. This method used to work perfectly in vRO 7.0.1

    register(<|>?String_user , ?String_identityUser , ?String_templateId , ?String_hostReservationId , ?String_hostStorageReservationId , ?Properties_headers)


    but after upgrade same workflow we are getting following error in vRA. Complaining about below custom property.


    Workflow 'RegisterVirtualMachineRequest' failed with the following exception:

    Value cannot be null.

    Parameter name: RegisterExistingMachine: Machine xxxxxx: Value for property VirtualMachine.Imported.ConvergedBlueprint is null or empty.


    Please share if you have any idea on this problem. How we can supply VirtualMachine.Imported.ConvergedBlueprint property?

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    Hi guys ,


    There are infrastructure qualities



    • Recoverability

    • Manageability
    • Security
    • Recoverability

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    Running VRA version 7.4.0 (build 8182598), NSX is version 6.4.1 Build 8599035.  I really haven't been able to identify a pattern but perhaps 1 out 5 items, or blueprints that have been requested from the catalog and have been in use for days/weeks will fail with that error message when the Destroy request is sent.


    The work around is tedious, you can "force destroy" the item, however there are several artifacts left behind in vSpehe and NSX, primarily networks and edge-routers.  So you have to map out what's connected and delete in the correct order, a real PITA.  This is happening with blueprints that use NAT networks, haven't tested other types of networks since the NAT type is what we're currently using.


    Any insights would be appreciated.


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    Ran into an issue in 7.4 where an expired deployment hits the archive limit and then fails to delete itself.  The error below is what's logged in the destroy request.  Basically a user left the company, but is still listed as the owner of the deployment.  In previous versions I don't feel as though vRA / vCAC cared if the owner was still actively entitled to vRA.  I've got a support case open with VMware on this, but was curious if anyone else had ran into it.  The system attempts to destroy the deployment every few hours and just keeps failing.  I've also attempted to destroy it manually with the same results although I intentionally didn't try the "force" checkbox as I wanted to see what support says.



    Request initialization failed: Unable to find user XXXXXXXXX of tenant XXXXXX in the principal service.

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    Is there a way to enforce the form validation and have the form pre-execution processing invoke when an XaaS request is made via API?


    We have customers who want to use the vRA REST API or Cloud Client to request XaaS blueprints. We have built in a lot of custom form fields that are hidden from requestor view or read only to push bits of data to our vRO workflows. In addition we do a lot of validation in the forms via external scripts. When a customer uses the form the properties are populated as expected and the request works fine. However when using the API the form "processes" do not invoke so none of our hidden properties are validated. In addition customers can see "hidden" fields and can populate "read only" fields.

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    Hi all,


    In vRA 6.x, a user with support role couldn't see the "Properties" Tab for a VM in the Reconfigure Screen. Now, in vRA 7.3 they can see this tab.


    Is there any way to hide that tab?




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    Hello Everyone,

    We're facing an issue in private cloud environment running on VRA 7.3 . For some services e.g. Backup subscription , we are using XAAS service . We are executing a workflow everyday that creates a mapping of Business groups with VMs in it and storing in a Global XAAS variable.

    While loading the Backup subscription form in VRA for a specific business group, it is first querying VM list from the global variable . What we see is for each business groups ,some VMs are missing from the list , specially the new ones . We've executed mapping working manually which is a succesful , but no change in the list. Any idea why so ?

    Thank you .

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    While trying to create a package in Cloud Client I am getting the below data integrity errors:


    2018-08-24 16:33:25,314 cc: [priority="ERROR" thread="Spring Shell"] - [Rest Error]: {Status code: 400}, {Error code: 10106} , {Error Source: null}, {Error Msg: Data Integrity validation error.}, {System Msg: A Data Integrity Violation has been raised during inserting or updating data}

    2018-08-24 16:33:25,314 cc: [priority="ERROR" thread="Spring Shell"] - Unable to create package. Exception: Data Integrity validation error.

    2018-08-24 16:33:25,314 cc: [priority="ERROR" thread="Spring Shell"] com.vmware.cloudclient.core.authentication.BaseAuthentication.afterThrowingInvocation:311 - Failed to create or update package. Data Integrity validation error.


    Command being used: vra package create --name CompositeBlueprints --ids " ids"

    Source environment is vRA 7.2 based.

    Any idea on how to get around this?

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    I'm trying to connect vRA 7.3 to external REST API system to provision and manage objects in it through vRA.


    I configured Dynamic Types "My Type"  (with dynamic types plugin v2) and saw all my external objects in vRO inventory (under Dynamic Types plugin). Next I configured XaaS "Custom Resource" == "My Type", vRA showed all "My Type" properties without any problem. So, on the next step I created XaaS blueprint, connected vRO workflow to deploy an object in external system (workflow output parameter = "My Type" object, workflow properly returns "My Type" object). In XaaS blueprint I selected "Provisioning Resource" == "My Type", it showed proper mapping to my workflow output parameter... Published blueprint, added to service, grant permission to users, bla-bla-bla  


    So, now I have my XaaS blueprint in "Catalog" tab, I can even request it (and vRO would deploy object in external system!!!), but - I don't see any my objects in the "Items" tab... vRO could see them in its own inventory... Without objects in "Items" I can't do day-2 operations or anything else!


    So, question is - why I don't see XaaS objects in my "Item" tab? Where do I need to look to find out what's wrong with all this stuff?

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    As VRA/VRO 7.5 will be GAed in Sept2018, Anyone aware of the migration process to 7.5 and also if limitation or new features. Appreciate any document on migration and changes required to existing Plugins.

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    Hi Mate,


    I have requirement to validated the user inputs in XaaS form.


    I am created vRO action and leverage the vRO "Custom Validation" option presentation. I am able to validate the all test case are working in vRO.


    But when I try to check in vRA. its only first time validating user inputs. if user re-type the inputs its not validating. Please find the screenshots and action.


    vRA with embedded vRO.

    vRA version 7.3.0 (build 6484598)




    In the below screenshot , its validating with old value only(bjsdbfi), not with new value (Administrators).




    vRO Action



    vRO Presentation


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    We have a reservation using multiple networks/Port Groups. Each network has its own network profile. How do we set 2 different blueprints to use  a specific network profile? Currently with nothing set, the blueprints seem to round robin between the 2 network profiles in terms of which port group the VMs is actually placed on.

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    I'm trying to get any useful information from the payload sent by a Change Lease operation, so I can also adjust the destruction time. My workflow is receiving the payload and several __asd_* inputs, but none of them seem to refer to anything I can use to look up the vm or deployment.


    None of these actually refer to a catalog item, catalog item request, or resource action request, as far as I can tell. They all throw 404 errors when I try to look them up with another workflow:








    I can go through vRO's browser to find requests and items, and then paste those IDs in to my workflows, and that works.


    Any nudge in the right direction would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I am attempting to send the requestNumber property to a VCO workflow.  Should I just surround the requestNumber attributes in quotes in VCAC designer?  I am not foreign to sending VCAC props to VCO.  I am sending over "", but trying to figure out what that references.  I am trying to get the catalog request information.  I want to be able to query by the requestNumber to check up on the request passed to VCO.  I am not using ASD.


    Thank you

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    It's possible get the payload of a VM in vro when i use XaaS Blueprint ?


    I have an scripteable taks whith: "var machine = payload.get("machine") ;" but the log show machine=null .

    When i use the scriptable task on a subscription the payload.get work perfectly .



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