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    vRA 7.2 release notes states in the What's new section >> Migration improvements :


    • Enhanced support for importing vCloud Director workloads

    vRealize Automation 7.2 Release Notes


    But I did not find any details on this in the documentation, does anyone have an idea about this subject ?



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    I'm currently working with vRealize Automation 7.4.0 and vRealize Orchestrator 7.4.0 and got a strange behavior with setting a default value on a field.


    First, a simple hardcoded list :



    Nothing exotic, all by default.


    Now the default value that is set in link to the selected environment :


    One default value for DEV and another one for PRD.


    At the form opening, no value is set :


    Once you select DEV, the correct default value appears in cpu field :


    Now if you switch to PRD, cpu default value is not updated (it should be 8) :



    In fact, once the "first" default value is resolved, it's no more updated whatever if the condition controlling it changes or not.

    Can-you help me having the right expected behavior as I do not see what is wrong ?


    Thanks !

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        Is it possible to extend a lease for a machine which is in archival mode ? What happens if I power on the machine in vCenter when it is in archival mode in VRA, will it still go ahead and destroy it ?

    what custom property do I have to change in vra machine property ?



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    We are trying to add Active Directory connection(IWA) and cannot do so properly.

    The Add directory page just spins and stops with no message after clicking Save and Next. If we cancel the domain shows up under directories and the computer object for the appliance is added to Active Directory but disabled.





    At this point we try to sync users and groups which fails. The Connector page then shows no domain associated(after previously showing our domain) and the identity provider is removed.


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    Fersh VRA 7.3 installation.

    post installation unable to login to VRA 7.3  with configurationadmin credentials.

    It says configurationadmin credentials incorrect and not exists

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    I have create a action in VRA. I have tested in my VRO and it is working fine. i Have create Action for the same but geting below error. Any clue





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    Does anyone have the steps to manually replace the IaaS Manager service certificates in vRA 7.0.1? The VAMI is not allowing us to replace the certificates, so we need to bind the correct certs manually. Unfortunately, it appears that in vRA 7 VMware moved away from using the IIS Manager so we're unable to figure out how.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello All,


    We are stuck in vRA machine request form where customer need to set a tab called Application Owner/VM owner  - where they need to add required user from AD Server .


    , if anybody have simple workflow for same please share !!!

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    I was researching how to use LVM for the Linux blueprints with the Guest Agent. I didn't find anything, actually, on how to achieve this.

    But searching for the scripts inside the gugent I found one named ""


    I proceeded to replate the standard script with this one, so I simply renamed the script to "" which is what the gugent actually calls when Customizing the VM.


    It actually works!


    Now when a Linux VM is created and an additional Disk is requested, it will extend the VG with the new disk. It will also mount it as requested with the filesystem formated as requested.


    I don't know if this common knowledge but I hope someone find this usefull.


    The only issue I have is that it extends the root VG, and does not create a new one. We usually have a second VG with all the data and one VG for the OS. We could live with two separate VGs, even though we sometimes need more than 2 VGs.


    Does anyone know how to do this? Creating a second VG and adding the disks provisioned at request time to this VG would be exactly what we need.


    I'll attach the script. I'm not proficient in linux nor scripting, but it looks like it lists the available VG and extend it. I don't know what would happen if there were more than 1 VG.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I am trying to setup a new VRA 7.3 configuration.  I have gotten everything so far configured but now when I try to run the vsphere initial setup in the catalog it gets to the point where it is validating the endpoint connection settings and then I get the following error.  TypeError: Cannot read property "childEntity" from undefined (Dynamic Script Module name : getAllComputeResourceForVimHost#6).  Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. 

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    I am doing a deployment of VRA 7.2

    I have used windows 2012 R2 standard  as AD and Windows 2008 R2 for Iaas server


    All the service in VRA and Iaas server are up and running  and i am able to login successfully


    I face issue when i try to add the directory from Administration > directory  .


    I am using the Active Directory ( Integrated Windows Authentication ) and logged in to tenant using Tenant Administrator


    I know my domain admin is correct because same i used to add other computers to domain.


    But in this case when i try to add the directory i am getting the error


    "Could not join domain: Error occurred while joining domain. Verify Domain Admin username and password is correct, and the username is the sAMAccountName."


    I know the credentials are correct and have the the required priveledge


    Any specific AD config i need to do here

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    Hey community,


    I have a problem in my environment authenticating against the vRO REST API with a Bearer-Token which was request from vRA.


    Since last week we have a standalone vRO configured with authentication source "vRealize Automation".

    Test Connection in the controlcenter always suceed and login into the vRO Client succeeds aswell.


    I wrote a PowerShell script which gets a bearer token from vRA by this code:


    $body = '{"username" : "ThatsMyUser", "password" : "ThatsMySecretPassword", "tenant" : "vsphere.local"}'

    $response = Invoke-Webrequest -Uri -Method POST -Headers @{"accept"="application/json"} -Body $body -ContentType "application/json"

    $content = response | ConvertFrom-Json

    $id = $


    It returns a ID and if we validate it the vRA Rest API returns that it´s valid (mentioned here: )

    So authentication against the vRO REST should work... I guess


    Now I tried to simply list all packages in vRO by this code:


    $headers = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]"

    $headers.Add("Authorization", "Bearer " + $id)  # $id is the same as returned by the upper code


    Invoke-Webrequest -Uri -Method GET -Headers $headers


    And it returns and error "401 Unauthorized" ... And I have no clue why.

    I tried the same in different languages... vRO itself, C# and PowerShell.

    Anyone have a suggestion? ´This made me kinda crazy over the last few days.


    additional note: I hope there are no typos in the PowerShell code... copy paste didn´t work argh... yes each url is typed by myself

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    how to get  all reservations utilization report from VRA?

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    Hello All,


       Can some one share the exact link from where I can down load the vRA 7.3.1upgrade ISO . Currently we have 7.2 version.


        When I go to myvmware download page, I am getting an option to download vRA .ova file not ISO. as I read, it should be ISO file.




    Ravindra M

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    Hello Guys


    In VRA 7.4 we need to be able to do the following:


    - When RRHH requests a new user, enter name, surname, and show a list of OU with the departments, Manager.


    At the same time, if the user is called John Smith for example, VRA believes in AD the john.smith account and if it exists be john.smith1



    It is possible to perform, I have searched for information but I have not been able to find how to do it



    They will have some idea of how to do the above. 






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    I am new to vRA and wanted to know if it would be possible to integrate with third party vendors like fortigate,paloalto and cisco firewalls inorder for IaaS admins to create and publish policies. Also, it is possible to integrate with network devices like Cisco ACI, Juniper QFX for network provisioing

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    I have created new tenant but Unable to add active directory in Vra 7.3.1.


    error Connector communication failed with response: {0}

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    I am looking to have an input array of VMs,  I am wanting the VMs of a specifc folder to be the VMs I select from.  How would I do this on my presentation tab?  I know to have an input parameter  vc:virtualmachine array.  But where would the logic come from in creating the dropdown list?

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    We're noticing something that appears to be a bug with vRA 7.2. In a Windows machine blueprint where an additional disk has been defined (but does not exist on the template) in the blueprint, a user cannot change the size of that disk at request time HOWEVER they can change both the drive letter and the drive label. For example, create a Windows blueprint with a disk (id 1) with size of 10, drive letter of E, and drive label of "DATA". When a user requests this blueprint, they can navigate to the Storage tab of the machine, select the new disk (with size 10, etc.), and click the pencil icon to edit any of the previously-defined values. When the resultant machine is built, the size remains the same as it was in the blueprint, but drive letter and drive label both reflect the changes at time of request. I see no other possibility than this being a bug. Is anyone observing this behavior is different where size does accept the user's request?

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    I tried searching this problem but either my searching skills are lacking or there is not much information to find, probably the first. :-)


    We've had vRA 6.x for a while and some users are allowed to create AD users. The "create user" catalog item is part of a service called Active Directory. After creating a user, the user appears in items:


    We have installed a new vRA 7.x environment and for various reasons decided not to migrate the 6.x installation. We have recreated the workflow, catalog item and service used in vRA 6.x. However, when we create a new user i vRA 7.x it doesn't show up under the items tab. There is no "Active Directory" tab showing at all.

    We do see the user accounts in the "My items" portlet on the home tab.


    But we would very much like to have the user accounts also shown under the Items tab. So our questions is, how can we get user accounts to appear in the Items tab, preferably with the service "Active Directory" also visible?


    Thanks in advance for any help regarding this issue.




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