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    Can someone tell, when the NSX-T portgroup support is coming? In 7.5?

    I know the compatibility is not there yet. Currently vRA seems to be able to see the port groups, you can for example assign them to a network profile in a reservation. However during deployment, instead of connecting the VM to the port group, a new vSwitch port group is created, attached to the VM but not connected. A manual workaround is to connect them to the correct overlay network. When this is done, the vSwitch pg is automatically removed.

    I am looking for a way to achieve my goal by using a day-2 operation executed by vRO, but vRO does not seem to recognize the NSX-T port groups by default, except if a VM, deployed by vRA, is deployed. So by default no NSX-T pg's are discovered by the vCenter plugin. After a VM has been deployed by vRA, the port group is discovered. If I reconfigure the VM, so that the NIC is connected to the correct overlay network, the vSwitch pg disappears and also the overlay network is no longer visible in the vRO vCenter plugin. My workaround for this issue is to deploy a "dummy" vm using vRA, and assign a NIC for each network profile that includes an NSX-T overlay network. That way I should be able to assign the networks automatically using vRO, since they are now visible in the vCenter plugin.

    edit: a workaround was made available using PowerCLI - Set-NetworkAdapter does not support attaching VMs to | VMware PowerCLI

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    Hello Guys!


    I have a strange issue with vRA, Custom Forms, vRO Workflow and Custom Properties:


    I created a Blueprint with Custom Forms an a few Custom Properties which are used in an vRO Workflow. The deployment process works as expected with my full admin vRA User so i published the Blueprint to the Users. The Users have only the "Users" and the "Shared access" Role in the Business Group. The first it's-not-working comes quite fast so time for a debugging session... The Custom Properties Values where correctly set in the vRA Request but the Properties Values are not passed to the internal vRO -> They are shown in the vRO "payload" but with empty Values. If i add the Users to the "Support" Role of the Business Group the Values were correctly set but this is not an acceptable workaround.


    Hope anyone can help and its not a "works-as-designed"





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    Hi everybody,


    I want to make a new workflow for remove entry DNS by powershell script. First, I write the script task to see and load some variables that I need, after that I want make a output variable (argument) to build a perfect syntax for the workflow "External script Powershell" in line Argument.


    When I launch the script, I have a big issue with many error. Sorry at the moment I don't have the output error. But I want to be sur if my code is good and I don't have errors in my script.

    var vmProperties = machine.get("properties");

    var machine = payload.get("machine") ;

    var computerName = machine.get("name");

    var partenaire ="XX.Partenaire_ID");

    var os ="XX.OS_ID");

    var trigramme ="XX.TrigrammeApplication");

    var fonction ="XX.Fonction");

    var env ="XX.Environnement");

    var ip ="VirtualMachine.Network0.Address");

    System.log("NIVEAU 1");

    var key;

    for each (key in payload.keys)


                  System.log(key +" = " +payload.get(key));


    System.log("NIVEAU 2");

    var key2;

    for each (key2 in payload.machine.keys)       


                    System.log(key2 +" = " +payload.machine.get(key2));


    System.log("NIVEAU 3");

    var key3;

    for each (key3 in       


          System.log(key3 +" = ";




    if (partenaire == "XX") {

                     var zone = "XX.XX";


            else if (partenaire == "XX") {

                     var zone = "XX.XX";

    }         else (partenaire == "XX")


                     var zone = "XX.XX";



    System.log("Environnement: "+vmProperties.get("Environnement"));

    System.log("Machine: "+vmProperties.get("Machine"));

    System.log("Partenaire: "+vmProperties.get("Machine"));


    argument = "XX" + zone + ip + computerName ;

    System.log = argument




    Thank you guys to help me



    Best Regard



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    We currently have a vRO (Shell Generator) of sorts to provision shells within our environment that can then be used to run through the MDT build sequence to build servers.  Currently our custom action will pull all datastores from a host in a selected cluster, exclude any datastore that has the name preface of 'SU'.  Once that is done a datastore is selected based off a bit of math that will take into account the new VM size and ensure a datastore is selected with sufficient space to build the shell.  I am by no means an expert in vRO javascript and admittedly I need to learn more about this language.  Can someone assist in adding in the fact we want to exclude any datastore that has the preface of 'SU' AND 'LD'?  This would then exclude any datastore from being selected as "Special Use" or "Local Disk".  Below is the snippet, thanks in advance and much appreciated!



    dsarray.sort(function(a, b){

    return parseFloat(b.summary.freeSpace) - parseFloat(a.summary.freeSpace);


    return dsarray;



    function addDatastore(datastores) {

    for (var i in datastores) {

    if (keys.get(datastores[i].sdkId) == null) {

    keys.put(datastores[i].sdkId, datastores[i].sdkId);

    if (datastores[i].name.match('SU')) {


    } else {

    var rawCap = (datastores[i].summary.capacity); //raw capacity of the datastore

    var cap = Math.round(rawCap / 1024 / 1024 /1024); //rounded capacity in GB

    var usableCap = (90 / 100) * cap; //90% of capacity

    var rawpSpace = VcPlugin.getProvisionedSpace(datastores[i]); //gets raw provisioned space

    var pSpace = Math.round(rawpSpace / 1024 / 1024 /1024); //rounded provisioned space in GB

    var disk1size = Math.round(SysDiskSize)

    var disk2size = Math.round(AppDiskSize)

    var vmemsize = Math.round(MemSize / 1024)

    var useableSpace = (usableCap - pSpace - disk1size - disk2size - vmemsize ); //Usable capacity minus provisioned and disk&ram

    if (useableSpace > 50){ //any datastore that has more than 50GB usable is returned







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  • 06/12/18--05:11: Smoke Testing
  • Author : Vara Prasad Sreepana

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Custom Properties Reference

    Publication Name : CDF Smoke Testing

    Product/Version : vCloud Automation Center/0.0

    Question :

    This is for Testing

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    Hi all


    I've created a vRO workflow to change the memory size of a VCVM and the correspondig VCACVM.

    The memory size is changed on the VCVM and in the properties of the VCACVM but not in the general tab of the VM item in vRealize Automation.

    For updating the properties i'm using  the action "addUpdatePropertyFromVirtualMachineEntity".


    In vRA - Items - Machines - Item Details - Properties:



    In vRA - Items - Machines - Item Details - Gerneral:




    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?




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    I have migrated a number of systems from our vCloud infrastructure to vRealize (7.2 in this case) infrastructure and need to be able to have one system's lease never expire. Is this something that can be done in the vRA GUI? My friend Google hasn't been able to help except for one procedure that involved not setting an expiry date in the blueprint used to import the system (This was not done BTW).


    Thanks in advance



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    When capturing new content with "check-in" enabled, I get an error on the Content Pipeline


    Error: Service returned error 404 for GET. id 260813240 message 404 Tree Not Found]


    I have verified the access token configured in vRLCM is correct and working by using a browser and going to 


    From the error above it doesn't look like vRLCM is passing the access token when trying to access GitLab.



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    Hi all, I'm having a hard time with the bulk import tool of vRealize Automation 7.3


    After I've done all the steps described here:

    Import a Virtual Machine to a vRealize Automation Environment


    Everything seems to be OK but the Virtual Machine icon is wrong. It shows a "generic component" icon instead the vSphere icon:

    The first (and second) machine where imported with the CSV file. The last one was deployed using the vRA console. The first and last VM are associated to the same blueprint.


    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    After applying custom form to a blue print, approval policy (Catalog Item Request - Virtual Machine) is not working..Any idea?

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    I made a vSphere Machine blueprint and checked the "Display location on request" box.


    Since the custom forms are so much nicer I activated the form but I can't find the "Display location on request" in the Blueprint Elements.


    Does anyone know how to add that field in a custom form?



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    I know it's version 1.0, but do anyone know how to remove a managed environment or stop a running request in Lifecycle Manager?





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    I was handed a newly installed vRA platform to configure and while I was attempting to create some subscriptions I have encountered something I have not seen before and wanted to reach and see if any of you might have seen this and have a fix.


    When I attempt to create a New Workflow Subscription, the event topics "Machine provisioning" and "Machine lifecycle" do NOT have any schema listed for these two events.  All the rest of the events presented have a schema.  So what am I missing and how do I get the schema back for these two events?


    Thank for your time



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  • 06/14/18--05:51: doc bug
  • Author : pgilday

    URL : http:////

    Topic Name : Access Patch Management

    Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

    Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

    Question :

    The VMware Knowledge Base contains additional prerequisites. In the search box, enter vRealize Automation patching. the hyperlink redirects to the KB landing page. according to the description, it should link to additional prerequisites KB.

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    Hey all - have to remove orphaned VMs from a tenant vRA.  Tenant is called by "name" in administration.  I can log into https://vra-address-fqdn/vcac/org/aecio as from the webui and this account is a full admin account.


    I am using cloud client 4.5 and doing

    CloudClient>vra login userpass --user --tenant --server vra-address-fqdn

    vRA Password for *******************

    Error: Failed to Login to vRA server https://vra-address-fqdn, with username

    I've tried local accounts as well..  nothing is permitted to login.  I am able to login to the --tenant vsphere.local just fine, but the inventory isn't in that client.


    Can anyone provide some insight?  Thanks!  BTW - this is vRA 7.3.0

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    I am experiencing a new option <None> in drop-down and Yes/No field of vRA 7.3.1 after migrating the environment from 6.2.5.
    I want to remove this option so that only pre-defined list of variables gets filled without <None>.

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    I am running through an issue while doing a brand new installation of VRAC 7.0. The same error below from https://vracFQDN/vcac/services/api/status is listed on the catalina.out log. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!






    catalog-service service error: 503 Service Unavailable








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    Hello Community,


    I want to create a customized table which contains data from vRO.

    Is it possible to create a customized table in vRA?


    Right now the only table format I can use has 2 columns and x rows. Even the name of the rows are static and cannot be changed by me.

    My expectation is that I can create a table with 5 columns (with specific names) which can contain x rows.


    How can I achieve my expectations?

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    we have around 300 blueprint in our vRA-Designer. These blueprints represent our different test environments of our software versions. All blueprints consist only of some vcenter vms and a network. The vcenter vms are frequently updated because we often change our software version on the vms (CI/CD). Therefore we have to change the vm reference of the blueprint to a new updated vm (the old reference will be deleted). This is done by an orchestrator workflow that updates the blueprint after a "Advanced force data collection"-workflow has finished which runs first. The data collection part takes approximately 10 minutes. So due to our update frequency its very likely that multiple blueprints must be updated in a 10 minute period and the long running "Advanced force data collection"-worklow runs multiple times. If this is the case the "Advanced force data collection"-workflow run time is much longer or a Dead-Lock-Situation appears. As a result the blueprint must be manually updated after the vRA-Built-In-Data-Collection completed successfully (configured to run every 15 minutes in our environment).


    I would like to ask if its maybe possible to update a specific entry of the vRA-Data-Collection (e. g. a virtual machine) and not the whole cluster? Could anybody help me with this?


    Please find the "Advanced force data collection"-workflow here:


    Kind regads



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    Is there any roadmap/timeline for support of existing and comming ServiceNow releases?

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