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    If user is unable to see some vRA blueprint form fields on ServiceNow catalog item then do the following check in ServiceNow and perform Import job run again to see if field is now visible or not.


    There are some vRA blueprint fields excluded to be shown on serviceNow catalog form.

    You can check the list below, Go the below URL and find out missing field under "Value"





    If previously missing field is present under "Value" then remove it and click on Update button.

    Now run import job again to see if catalog item contains the field which was not visible previously.


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    Hi all,


        During the development, I want to get/post some value for a specific form in catalog-service, how can I find the elementId for it?


    Refer api link:





       Any help will be appreciated.



    Many Thanks

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    In CloudClient 4.2 you can now bypass certificate checks the first time CloudClient communicates with a server by using the cloudclient.config file.


    Is the a way to do it by environment variable?  Or set the preference for all users on the computer?


    I'm bouncing through a CLI host via Ansible to run these commands and the actual user logged in will vary depending on who's running the playbook.  I can do some prep work during the install procedure but I'd rather not edit the cloudclient.config file at runtime.

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    How can  i  get a test license for VRA7.2

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    Trying to install MySQL software component in Centos 7 blueprint.

    VRA log says "Request failed: Machine vraapp26: InstallSoftware : WGET operation failed. Check agent_download.log. Abort.."


    agent_download.log screen shot is given below.



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    vRA 7.3 - Simple Deployment

    SNOW Jakarta - vRA/SNOW plugin 3.0


    We are attempting to restrict the redirection of users to ONLY 100-200 of our 66,000+ potential users. The vra_user role appears to accomplish this for the vast majority. However, we have a fairly large number of users that hold the 'admin' role. It appears that ALL users holding the admin role are redirected as well. As few as 5 of the 60+ admin users will actually administer the vRA components and should be redirected to vRA.


    Is there a way to prevent the redirection for non-vRA Admins?

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    VRA 7.3, ITMS 3.0, ServiceNow Istanbul and default authentication.


    With the VRA_VIDM login rule marked as active, whenever a user logs into ServiceNow, they are prompted immediately to log into VRA, they click OK on the prompt and are presented with another browser window (screen shot attached).  The error returned is as follows:


    An error occurred during OAuth2 operation.  Please contact your administrator to resolve the issue.

    { "error": "invalid_request","error_description": "Invalid client" }


    The user is never presented with the VRA Login page.


    We currently have the VRA_VIDM rule selected as inactive due to this issue.  It appears as though ServiceNow is importing the VRA content, no errors from any of the Scheduled Import jobs aside from the occasional "no sensors defined" error.

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    Hi Team,


    What are the different types of ways where we can automate a server deployment to automatically join a domain in VRA in a particular OU in VRA ?

    I saw few custom properties but upon trying unable to join the server.


    Please guide me if anyone had completed it already.



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    The vRA plugin for VMWare has been installed in Servicenow and we are able to pull in Catalog items and CIs from VMware into Servicenow.However we are receiving following error after submitting the catalog item ( for provisioning ) within Servicenow


    1) Servicenow Jakarta.

    2) VMWare plugin installed. ( version compatible )

    3) Able to pull in catalog items and CMDB Cis from the vra ( VMWare Infrastructure )

    4) After submitting a catalog item , I get the error as attached.


    --------- Error Log from Servicenow ------

    REST call error found inside VRASNRequestUtil.getTemplateViaRest: Method failed: (/catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems/14a239ef-7c12-49f9-9003-bb534a7fbb94/requests/template) with code: 401 - Invalid username/password combo


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    Looking for a way for our ServiceNow users to make requests to the vRealize Catalog with a single service account instead of the user logged into SNOW/vRA.  We have a few clients that are developing business logic in the form of a standard ServiceNow Catalog request.  This standard request should be triggering a vRealize Catalog request while passing blueprint parameters.  At current state of the plugin, entitlements and requests revolve around the user who is logged in.  A majority of our integrations start with business logic sitting at the ServiceNow level.



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    I've setup a customer in vRealize. Several of our engineers need to view the machines this customer has, however the engineers can only see the items(machines) of which they themselves are owner. How do I grant an entire business group access to the items?

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    I am getting familiar with vRA Code Stream to stream line our devops process in our vRA environment.  I have noticed something however when I am doing a single package request it doesn't actually execute the promotion and testing of the package until the next day (I have also looked code stream tab and don't see any pipeline executions).  Is there a setting or something that I am missing?

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    Have you adopted vCloud Director in your environment?  Do you use it alongside vSphere? Or are you a vSphere-only shop?  We want to know!

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    within a software component I need to run a setup.exe as a service account.

    For some reason I get a "access denied" error whatever I try.

    So I simplified it to avoid other factors and just try to run a "whoami | out-file c:\temp\who.log" as a different users. Still failing.


    what I do:

    $securePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString $Password -AsPlainText -Force
    $credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential "$domain\$account", $securePassword

    start-job -ScriptBlock {whoami | out-file c:\temp\who.log} -Credential $credential | wait-job


    I also tried start-process ..... -credential ....

    with same result.


    UAC is disabled via registry.


    Any help would be highly appreciated.




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    I have some resource actions, and I want the user to see the action only if some condition is met or only if the VM state is eligible for it.

    Is there a way we can disable the resource action or is there a better way to achieve it.




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    I am trying to update the VM hostname and created a few property definition and added them into the property group.


    Within the property group, I have created:


    • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
    • Extensibility.Lifecycle.Properties.VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Request


    Both have the values __*,*


    The property group is added to the blueprint and I have also created the new Event Subscriptions with the following setup:


    • Select "Machine Provisioning" topic
    • Added the following conditions
        • Data > Lifecycle state name EQUALS VMPSMasterWorkflow32.BuildingMachine
        • Data > Lifecycle state phase EQUALS PRE
        • Data > Machine > Machine Type EQUALS Virtual Machine



    In the vRO workflow scripting, I am passing the "Payload" as Properties into the workflow


    I am able to retrieve the machine ID

    var machine = payload.get("machine");

    machineId = machine.get("Id"); // Value is returned


    var machineProperties = machine.get('properties'); // Getting NULL when retrieving the properties


    The machineProperties is returning NULL and I am not able to proceed further to retrieve the property definition that I have specified.


    Am I missing anything? Please help! Thanks.

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    In several of our reservations, under the Network tab, we see Networks that do not exist anymore.

    For now we deselect the checkbox, so the vRO workflows that query the reservations don't use them anymore.


    But is there a way to really remove them?  They don't exist in vCenter or anywhere else, AFAIK.

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    Hi all,


    We use the event brocker service to call vRO workflow for provisionning VM (with different lifeCycleState)


    When a customer request a new hard drive on his VM, he uses the GUI in vRA and "reconfigure VM" to add disk... It works fine.


    BUT... The guestOS need to be updated with the new drive, and for this, i would like to launch a Remote Powershell Script to add or extend drive.

    SO... I need to catch the event. To achieve this, i read all of the Life Cycle Extensibility.PDF to look for reconfigure event


    I found this :


    ReconfigureVM.Complete in the global event


    But i dont know how to provide these information in the event subscription.


    Can anyone help me ?



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    We currently have a complex environement with many components that we need to upgrade.

    Like vSphere 5.5, vRA 6.2, vRO 6.0.3, NSX 6.2.4, and many other components either from VMware or third party.

    For most reasons, we want to go to vSphere vCenter 6.5 U1.


    Due to a lot of compexity inside vRA and vRO, we are unable to oversee an upgrade from 6.x to 7.x at the same time.

    (going through all the changes inside vRA and the vRO workflows, with all external systems, would take a couple of more months)


    In the compatibility matrix we see that vRA 6.2.5 is compatible with vCenter 6.5, but it's not listed to be compatible with 6.5 U1.

    On the other hand we cannot find vRA 6.2.5 to be incompatible with vCenter 6.5 U1.


    Does anyone have any experience with vRA 6.2.5 and vCenter 6.5 U1?

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    I see this when I look at the "COMPUTE RESOURCES " tab


    Agent status=Down


    help and thanks!!!!!!!

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