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  • 12/12/17--06:25: vRA7.2_embedded vco
  • Hi all ,


    Do we still need external vcofor vRA 7.2 .is there any specific fuctinality that is being provided by external vCO when intergrared with vRA 7.2.

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    I am receiving the error message right after fresh Distributed installation. 

    Once login to vRA appliance --> vRA settings--> Ceritificates tab

    below error received.


    "Error calling Open SSL tools"


    Screen shot attached. Self signed certificate is generated. This error occurs before any configuration done.


    Unable to find any solution in the forums. Pls help if anybody encountered such issues and resolved.



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    Hi there,

    I already search and i still not found a really answer.






    - I have a 2TB simple hard disk with several working documents, that are shared between computers.

    - I need to keep this hard disk like it is.. because it will be transfered to a new standalone computer!!




    Do i have some way to share this disk on a VMware virtual machine (i have a windows server 2013 VM) without convert?

    Do i have some emulation type to work with it like it was a PEN drive?! (without using a USB hd box of course)

    The main target was using it like a PEN but using SATA connection to be fast!



    Thanks in advanced,

    I am new at this VMware things...

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    We are seeing delays of 15 seconds for the ServiceNow homepage to load when someone is "vra_user" due to the vra plugin always pushing us to authenticate with vRA.


    The plugin is pushing us to authenticate with vRA regardless if we are accessing a vRA resouce (authentication happens only once and at the beginning of a new ServiceNow session).  As this happens almost always when people are trying to access the standard ServiceNow homepage.... people are incorrectly assuming that ServiceNow is running slow.


    We have troubleshooted this issue due to the use of "Login Rules" by the plugin within the ServiceNow system. Is there any way to prevent the authentication until someone is trying to access the vRA catalog? More importantly, ServiceNow has deprecated the use of "Login Rules" for some time (please see the links below from , the new documentation site for ServiceNow no longer has this info readily available).


    Configuring the Login:

    Content Management Security:


    Configuring the Login Screenshot:

    ServiceNow Login Rules.jpg


    Content Management Security:

    ServiceNow Login Rules Screen 2.jpg


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    I am new user of vRealize Automation.
    I want to create a blueprint in a vRealize Automation 7.2 for the different O.S (Window / Linux) by using the ISO image.
    Can anyone help me and explain me that how i make it.



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    In vRA - if we click on any built in resource action we get a pop-up window asking the confirmation from user.


    Is there a way a pop-up/confirmation window be made available on selecting any custom resource action ?

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  • 12/13/17--19:43: vRA Custom Specs Not Working
  • I created a custom spec in vCenter. Added the custom spec to my blueprint and created a vm from vrealize. The vm created in vCenter successfully and it got added to the domain and obtained an IP address. Today I went to create another vm with a custom hostname that I set, now the vm is not getting the specs and is not getting an IP address. I deleted the custom hostname field from my blueprint, and recreated the custom spec in vcenter. Performed a data collection in computer resources in vrealize automation. Re-added the custom spec to my blueprint and created a vm. The vm is still not getting an IP address and it is not getting added to the domain. I have the networking profile set to static in my blueprint and in the custom spec in vCenter I have the ip address set to use standard networking. I also added the domain of Home.lan and an appropriate username and password to allow the vm to join domain upon creation. Any ideas?

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    Hi All,..


    In order to enable the end user to mount an Iso file from his/her desktop, I have tried both, add CDrom & mount CDrom actions

    However, both actions return with the error   (Failed to convert external resource "vm name". Script action com.vmware.vcac.asd.mappings/mapToVCVM failed.) 

    I don't know what is missing but I even tried to run the workflow from vRO & when it prompts for the VM name  & I give many vms names for VMs running in my vCenter,

    the vRO can't find them although it is connected to the vcenter . 


    I appreciate your help regarding this issue. 

    Best Regards

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    when i use a automation user to create a new vm but i can to get ip address from my ip pool


    my automation publish is 7.3.0 5604410


    my extendtion network configution file config for example



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    My requirement is to associate blueprints with multiple tenants while installing the our plugin. One of the approach is to ask tenant admin credentials of each tenant and associate the blueprint. But this is not a good solution when you have lot of tenants.

    Other solution is to configure vRA Host for each tenant. Then using system admin login associate blueprint with each tenant using vRA Host of each tenant. In this solution currently facing problem to access vRA host of each tenant, not able to get host ids. Please let me know if this solution is valid and how to acheive this.

    If any other solution to this problem is available please let me know. I am new on vRA automation so please ask if you need more info. Thanks

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    Hi All

    I am trying to hide certain tabs such as Storage when requesting a new VM

    This is very similar to another forum post (

    Cheers, Luke

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    I want to make a field visible only if the user is a member of the BG Managers.  Anyone know how to do that?  I am not trying to control what is on the drop-down list.  I am trying to control if the field is displayed on the user form at all.


    I looked at the constraints->visible setting and see that I could call a vRO workflow (to answer the above question) but can not find out what it should return. Boolean???  I couldn't see any way to set it directly in vRA using the visible constraints nor field setting.


    vRA 6.2 and vRO 6.0.3


    Thanks all,

    Carl L.

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    Hi All,

    I have a requirement, I have a client with vRA 7.2 env where XaaS blueprints are defined with multiple base blueprints inside. For e.g. an XaaS blueprint has a base blueprint to provision VM, another blueprint to conduct tasks like opening a ITSM ticket etc. The XaaS blueprints are triggered via an external system.


    This external system needs to receive response of VMs provisioned via base blueprints. Now, Since the external system is calling XaaS blueprint, it has no clue of base blueprints.


    My question is, is there a way if I can modify the API response of XaaS blueprint and append additional parameters to incorporate data of base blueprints ? For e.g. I want to modify the XaaS blueprint API response to also contain the request ID number of base blueprint ?


    Appreciate the help and expertise ..


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    This is a follow up from Looking for the right Custom Properties for event VMPSMasterWorkflow32.EVENT.ReconfigureVM


    I expected that the payload of the request shows me the NEW configuration but it only gives me the current configuration not the one that was submitted in the request

    I found what I need in the ResourceActionRequest there I have requestData which is a LiteralMap and has all the changes (see vra7 how to configure subscription for vm reconfigure action? at the end)


    I can access the all the requests (type: ResourceActionRequest) in the system and also find (manually ) the one I want...BUT how do i get from the payload I'm given to the correct request?

    All the IDs in teh payload as well as the ASD IDs do not match the ActionRequest.ID (or any request IDs I can find).


    To get all the Requests an troll them use:

    var cafeHost = Server.findAllForType("vCACCAFE:VCACHost")[0];

    var reqs = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getResourceActionRequests(cafeHost);

    for each (req in reqs){




    The payload gives me:

    • (no idea)
    • requestId (same as )
    • __Cafe.Root.Request.Id (CatalogRequests, the original request that build the VM)
    • __iaas_request_binding_id (Blueprint ID)
    • __asd_requestInstanceId (no idea)
    • __asd_catalogRequestId (no idea)
    • __asd_correlationId (same as __Cafe.Root.Request.Id)
    • __asd_requestTraceId (no idea)

    none of these IDs match any of the IDs in the ReqourceActions



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    My aim is to create a workflow which will prompt user to select a report from a list.

    Then the workflow should run the appropriate VRA custom business report and then mail the output to the requestor.


    For this the basic requirement is to run the business report. I am not able to find any plugin or any API (REST?) to invoke the required report.


    Any help is very much appreciated.




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    I make a blueprint by adding:
    1. vSphere Machine (Clone from window server 2012)

    2. Add Network (Make External Network in a network profiles and assign this network to Port Group in the Reservation)


    When i am going to deploy this Blueprint this error coming. Already exists but i have not deployed any VM before this with this name and i check all my data stores no VM exists with this name.


    I am going to the screenshots.
    1. Error
    2. Blueprint

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    Hi all - long time listener, first time caller.


    I'm running into this message again, it first popped up in vRA 7.2, and then recently resurfaced in vRA 7.3. The message occurs after importing the XML file and committing the update set, and then attempting to configure the OAUTH settings under basic configurations.



    Version 7.3.0 build 5604410

    ServiceNow Jarkarta3.0

    Version of the ITSM plugin - 3.0



    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi All,


    While trying to access vRa page from Servicenow we have below 2 errors in the logs:


    REST call error found inside VRASNVIDM.step5: Method failed: (/SAAS/t/test/API/1.0/oauth2/token) with code: 400

    REST call error found inside VRASNEntitlementUtilTest.preSetEntitlement: Method failed: (/catalog-service/api/consumer/services) with code: 401 - Invalid username/password combo


    We have basic configuration set up correctly, Catalog item is imported into Servicenow without any issue, while request is approved there is no token generated and requested is not passed to vRa.

    Manually when we try to access the page from browser errors are encountered.

    We have SSO configured in instance, is it required that vRa should be setup with SSO? Request your support on this. Thanks in advance.

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        I have a situation that, i have to migrate the VAPP contains with multiple VM's from vCloud 5.5 to VRA 7.1.0.  i saw the below url

    Migrate a VM from vCloud Director to vCloud Automation Center | Brian Ragazzi , Is there any procedure/process to migrate the vAPP from vCloud to vRA?

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  • 12/21/17--05:20: Create VM from Blueprint
  • Hello,

    i am new to vRealize automation and stuck at creating a VM from a Blueprint.


    I have created a Blueprint to create a VM. I have added a Customizaton Script to apply domain information and sysprep the VM.

    The VM is created successfully.


    I have added a domain policy and added that policy to my business group.

    If i now create a VM, it is creating the domain machine account but if after the workflow is completed, the vm is not part of my domain.


    If i do the same thing without my customization script, the VM is ready to use and part of my domain. But i did not use sysprep.

    How to use both parts? My customization and the active directory policy? Or is that not possible?

    Do i have to create custom properties to use both?




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