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    Hi All,


    Is there any way to export and import Subscriptions? I saw that with the Cloud Client you can export and import workflows and properties, but no subscriptions.


    I've been able to get the subscriptions from the API but I can't update it or create a new one.


    Any ideas?


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    We're noticing something that appears to be a bug with vRA 7.2. In a Windows machine blueprint where an additional disk has been defined (but does not exist on the template) in the blueprint, a user cannot change the size of that disk at request time HOWEVER they can change both the drive letter and the drive label. For example, create a Windows blueprint with a disk (id 1) with size of 10, drive letter of E, and drive label of "DATA". When a user requests this blueprint, they can navigate to the Storage tab of the machine, select the new disk (with size 10, etc.), and click the pencil icon to edit any of the previously-defined values. When the resultant machine is built, the size remains the same as it was in the blueprint, but drive letter and drive label both reflect the changes at time of request. I see no other possibility than this being a bug. Is anyone observing this behavior is different where size does accept the user's request?

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  • 11/14/17--14:38: Revert Snapshot example
  • I'm trying to find an example of reverting a snapshot (I create a single snapshot at start of VM life and then use Revert as a cleansing mechanism for developing software deployment scripts).


    I have coded up (in Ansible) the various REST API calls to get the bearer token and machine details but can not find a good example of how to find the snapshot ID's for the machine, which seems to be the required parameter for the REST call

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    Looks like the function to assign an ICON to an resource action isnt working anymore in 7.2 (could be allready since 7.2...but I dint check this versions)


    The documentation (vRealize Automation 7.2 Information Center) still shows that its possible..however no luck.

    The user Im using is member of all groups and created the resourceaction.


    I guess its either bug or a feature...just someone explain to me the "feature" part here.



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    I am currently developing a validation workflow. The workflow object is set as input paremeter. This validation workflow should also check whether the business state is set on the workflow items of a workflow. Is it possible to return the business state´s of all workflow items from a workflow?


    Thanks for help.



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  • 11/15/17--03:02: vRealize Business reports
  • Hello!


    Maybe someone knowns...

    How in vRealize Business generate reports by Resource pools?

    And how generate reports by storage?



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    In vRealize Business for Cloud don't displayed all VM in resource pool.

    What is this possible?



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    I have some resource actions defined that interact with vRO/External REST APIs. It seems after upgrading to 7.3 I'm not able to select the VM object as a 'Defined Field Value' to the external call? The object shows and states 'No Sub fields'. Pre-existing Resource Actions work just fine, but if I go to edit them I see the same behaviour. 

    Can anyone shed light on this? Image attached.


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  • 04/21/17--13:19: API Call to all tenants
  • I'm running a vRA 7.0.1 environment and wondered if anyone has had luck making API calls, whether via CloudClient or any other method, that includes All Tenants rather than just the one you're authenticated with?  When in the vRA website, I have the ability to see all property definitions, whether for "this tenant" or "all tenants".  However, via API I'm only allowed to see the list for tenant I'm connected to.  Is there a way to manage that via API at a higher level? Is there any sort of all tenants property or flag I could set for example?


    The driver for this is to programmatically export several things including property definitions.  I need to do this regardless of tenant.  Any tips or guidance is appreciated!

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    Is there a way to find a vCAC VirtualMachine based on the linked VirtualMachine Properties as well as the linked vCAC Entity Properties? From what I have been able to gleen from poking around the vCAC Model I see that both vCAC VirtualMachines and there vCAC Entities have linked sets of Properties and the properties are different for both. I've attempted to diagram the situation below...

    vCAC VirtualMachine   <---------> vCAC VirtualMachine Entity

              |                                                          |

              |                                                          |

             V                                                         V   

     Properties                                                Properties

              |                                                          |

              |                                                          |

             V                                                         V

    Search Prop X                                         Search Prop Y

    I have developed a working solution in vRO to query the property entity set for all property entities with a similar property and from this set I get the linked VirtualMachine from each property entity and further filter based on the VirtualMachine's linked properties. This is very convuluted. Is there a simpler way to do this? Maybe using Server.findAllForType with a slick xpath query?   

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    When I finished email notification ,after test it,I got a problem. In the mail I got the wrong time of sending mail  using UTC.

    But I have set the right TIME ZONE in VRA7.2.   So where is the problem?

    By the way, I have consulted the vMware article of email customization in VRA, but Idid not find how to change the wrong time of sending mail .

    Did any body met it ? 

    Here is the  vMware article of email customization in VRA :Email Customization in vRA - VMware Cloud Management

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    My team is using the default blueprint in VRA to provision EC2 instances in AWS. However, a critical requirement is to launch EC2instances in placementgroups. 

    In this default blueprint of VRA, there is no option to select placementgroups. So the team added a custom object to fetch placement groups from AWS and display them in a drop-down. 

    Now here is the question - We can't find any option to send the placementgroup object to the CloudProvisioningWorkflow that does the provisioning. And we're stuck here.

    Has anyone faced this issue? any insight will help.

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    We have been working on getting vRA 7 deployed. In the process, we have amassed some strange failures and requests that are stuck "In Progress". I am trying to figure out how to clean these up.


    In the cases where installing software components hanged and the deployment request is stuck "In Progress" forever, I was able to delete them using this reference


    The last cases are a little harder for me to figure out how to cleanup. They are deployments that have completed, and so the object exists as an item, but the machine object under the deployment no longer exists. This results in multiple expiry and destroy requests that never complete, and stay in progress.


    For example:



    The deployments exists under items:




    But trying to destroy some of them results in an error:


    The following component requests failed: Server2012R2Agent. Internal error in processing component request: [Rest Error]: {Status code: 502}, {Error code: 10107} , {Error Source: null}, {Error Msg: You cannot perform that action because the system cannot connect to the provider at https://VRAURLREDACTED/WAPI/.}, {System Msg: Provider service is not available or in error state.}


    And some of them do not have an available action to destroy:




    I would appreciate any advice and how to go about cleaning these up. I am thinking this may involve the IaaS database...


    ~ Darrenoid

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    We are going through a migration project to move from legacy vCenter 5.5 instances (existing vRA 7 Endpoints) to new vCenter 6 instances and new compute and Storage DRS clusters


    Migration will be done via swinging the ESXi 5.5 hosts in the legacy 5.5 vCenters into new vSphere clusters in the v6 vCenters, and recreating the storage DRS clusters.


    We are planning on having the new vCenters configured as vRA 7 endpoints in advance

    We will also be creating new vRA7 reservations from the new vCenters and new compute/storage clusters, and explicitly mapping the new reservations to the same vRA 7 reservation policies as-per the original reservations that the virtual machines are currently assigned to in vRA.


    Once all hosts and VMs are migrated, we will look to decom the existing reservations on the old vCenter 5.5 endpoints, and then decom the endpoints.


    Can anyone provide any feedback on this process, specifically the following questions:

    1. Will we need to manually run the "Change Reservation" option (under Managed Machines in the vRA web portal) for each VM after it has been migrated from the old vCenter 5.5 to the new vCenter 6?

    2. Could the process above cause any impact to vRA functionality?

    3. Is there a better or improved process to that described above (e.g. a vRO workflow) available?


    Many thanks in advance for any info ....


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  • 11/16/17--07:41: 2 endpoint agents in same VM
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to run two vROps Endpoint Operations agents in the same VM?


    The situation is 2 vROps environments (one in customer space and the other in provider space) and both want to monitor the same services in certain VMs.



    Carl L.

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    Thanks to bdadmin for raising 'getApplicableNetworks retrieves more than Business Group networks' on 16-Mar-2017 15:39 and thanks to poorem who answered on 18-Mar-2017 18:25 , a very good example for select network at provisioning time, thanks.


    Using out of the box vRO 7.2 'getApplicableNetworks' who calls 'getReservationsForUserAndComponent' or poorem's modified version both fail with 403 in my vRA 7.2 system.


    '403 FORBIDDEN Your authentication credentials do not provide sufficient access to the resource.' is the only lead I have.


    All other Actions and Workflows works fine communicating with VCACCAFE:VCACHost connection , it is only 'getReservationsForUserAndComponent' that fail with 403.

    Looking at the script in getReservationsForUserAndComponent:


    // get reservation filtered by sub tenants

    var reservationFilter = getReservationFilterForSubTenants(subTenants);

    var reservations = [];

    if (reservationFilter) {

        reservations = reservationService.getAllReservations(reservationFilter).getContent();    <===== This call fail with http 403



    return reservations



    vRO's vRA Plugin use AD authentication and all other workflows/Actions works fine.


    Anyone have an idea of what it is don't get right here ?

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    I seem to have a duplicate IaaS server in my configuration and I can't seem to remove it. It's preventing me from upgrading the environment to newer versions of vRA. At the bottom, you can see that I have two servers that are basically the same name, but case-sensitive computer names are messing it up. I can't seem to find a way to remove the entry that's incorrect.

    Any ideas?




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    I am trying to deploy an Edge using IP addresses from a given network profile. Instead of manually entering the IP address, I want to find out (programmatically - VRO) the next available IP address for a given Network Profile of VRA. Is there any query/API to do this? The network profile isn't created with an external IPAM server. So, can I query VRA like I do any IPAM server?


    Short of iterating through the range and checking its existence in VM/DNS, are there any other method? This is VRA 7.3, BTW. Thanks

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    Hi all,


    We have an interesting problem. We are planning to use VRA and VRO for automated provisioning of S3 buckets. To do this, we're planning to use AWS REST APIs .

    When calling these APIS, we need to pass over the secret key and acces key by creating (what AWS calls) a signature. The algorithm of the signature is as below.


    Refer to link -


        AWS SIgnature.png


    Per AWS, depending on the SDK/programming language/framework being used to call AWS REST APIs, the class names and functions used to doing these four steps would be different.

    We have found these steps in Python ofr example,


    But the interesting thing is that we are not able to find these cryptography functions in native VRA/VRO API. Can anyone help us here?


    Much appreciated.

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    I know it's version 1.0, but do anyone know how to remove a managed environment or stop a running request in Lifecycle Manager?





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