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    For a small percentage of our virtual machines we have a requirement for two vNICs. I am trying to avoid creating a second blue print with two vNICs or putting two vNICs in our base blueprint. Our environment is vCAC + vCO My preference is for a vCAC/vCO solution. Yes, I do realize this can be done in PowerCLI -- I was just trying to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum.



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    I am going to integrate my vRA with AWS, Is it possible I can use event subscription for VM naming convention while deploy VM in AWS, if not what is the other solution to achieve this.? If you have any document or workflow, please share it.




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    We're using XAAS and Orchestrator to do some stuff you just can't do with the out of the box blueprints.  We're using the JSON parse functionality and then setting things like reservation policies, clonefrom, cluster size, etc.  I've seen references to a property called "machine_prefix" which supposedly will should let us adjust the prefix the blueprint is using.  I tried putting in the name of the prefix and the request errrors out.  Does anyone know how to make use of that property? 


  = "prefixA";

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    I just want to setup vRA 7.3 infrastructure with Distributed Installation but not HA. If we have only one IAAS server and it goes down then our vRA portal is not manageable, how to solve this with Distributed Installation.





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    Does anyone know of a way to execute one final action after the post-approval phase?

    I would like to execute a powershell script, only if an approving manager approves the machine deployment.

    I have looked into all the subscriptions, and tried to leverage vRealize Orchestrator, but all the workflows complete prior to the post-approval phase.


    Alternatively, is there a way to send a completion email to another party? Currently, when the machine is deployed, approved, and available to the user in vRealize Automation, the requester gets a completion email to let them know. Is there a way to send the final email to a second mailbox, and with a customized subject? This would allow me execute the powershell script through a third party application, which can be triggered by an email.

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  • 09/25/17--13:00: Help Getting Started
  • First I want to thank anyone who stops to provide help and/or insight.


    I have gotten a distributed 7.2 vra deployment stood up using Jad's to use as a POC for my organization. I want to provide value initially by fully automating our deployment cycle and all of it's customization's but I'm kind of at a loss of where to start.


    Things I would like to accomplish is inputting data into our CMDB, configuring network settings, setting static DNS entries, creating DHCP reservations, along with many other customization's.


    I have been able to create a blueprint to deploy the VMs from a template that works but doesn't really give me much over just deploying

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  • 09/25/17--20:41: vRA custom validation issue
  • Hello Community,


    I'm pretty new to vRA and vRA as well as scripting. I've been working on a custom validation for the user input.


    •      When user input the value in the "Name" field, it'll triggered a workflow to send API call to an Appliance.
    •      If the value exist, it'll return value exist. Else, return empty string


    Well, i build the workflow from vRO and tested it. The result as below:

    • With a new record "abc", no error. - Passed
    • With an existing record "test", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Passed
    • Switch back to a new record "def", no error. - Passed


    Then I made an XaaS blueprint based on the mentioned workflow, and create the blueprint from the XaaS blueprint.

    Perform the same test and got the result below:

    • With a new record "abc", no error. - Passed
    • With an existing record "test", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Passed
    • Switch back to a new record "def", error prompted that the record "test" exist. - Failed


    This got me puzzled as i've no idea where to look at since the vRO workflow worked just fine. Can anyone shed some light?

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    Hello Guys,


    I just deployed vRealize Operation Manger from OVF Template.

    I made product configuration from web admin interface.


    But on My vCenter, i cannot run vRealize operation Manager Install... I cannot manage my Install deployed from OVF Template.


    Maybe I have to install some plug-in or extension ?

    Thanks for your support.



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    In our dev/test environments, we noticed that ALL users redirect to vRA for authentication. This includes users who have no ability to manage VMs or request services. Is it possible to limit the redirection for specific groups of users. We have nearly 80,000 users that can log into ServiceNow, but a maximum of 500 of those users will need vRA services. Thanks in advance

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    Hello VMware Community people,

    I want to install the prerequisites for my Iaas server with the vRealize Automation Configuration tool. I'm just asking why i can't access to the complete install. I download the tool with :


    Thank's for the help.

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    What I am trying to do is to pass the username and password for the current vRA user that requested a XaaS Catalog Item so that the automation can authenticate to a separate system


    Anybody doing anything like that?

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    Hi ..


    we have a VMware Private cloud 7.2 running at our company with local domain ( company.local )

    we did publish the vRA ip to accessed from outside, but when we access a tenant ip url,

    as it indicates to local fqdn like the fqdn of LB of vRA which aren't known to our publish DNS & only known to our local DNS.


    this way, our employees can't access the private cloud making it pointless to create it in the first place.

    I know someone might see this as a stupid question, but unfortunately, I don't have the experience to do it.


    I appreciate if someone helps with how to make our tenant accessible from outside the local environment of the company.


    Thanks in advanced

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  • 09/28/17--05:40: BMC Remedy Force
  • BMC Remedyforce and vRealize Automation tool integration ?


    Has anyone done it ?


    I am not able to find BMC RemdyForce Plugin Link for vRA/vRO


    Please let me know .

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  • 09/28/17--10:49: vRA with AWS integration
  • Hello Team,


    Planning to integrate my existing vRA 7.3 to our Enterprise AWS..? Is that dedicated DEM server required for this ? Let me know any available document for this. Before add AWS as a end point do we need to check any prerequisites




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    I am in the process of trying to deploy a Windows VM with 2 vNICs but cannot get past the Windows Setup following the initial vSphere Guest Customization. It basically hangs at this point because Windows appears to be unable to detect all component settings (I'm thinking here the 2nd Adapter is causing grief during the device setup phase??)...I am receiving errors similar to the following..("Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file [C:\windows\Panther\unattend.xml].......A component or setting specified in the answer file does not exist"). My guess is sysprep'ing a Windows machine with 2 vNICs cannot be done in vCenter 5.5 but only speculating right now??  Just for info, we even modified the vSphere Guest Customization XML file by adding a 2nd Adapter but no luck there either.


    Was wondering if anyone has a vRO Workflow they could share or suggest a method we could use in vRA/vRO 7 to add a 2nd vNIC to a VM either during or immediately following vRA Machine Provisioning?? Including this function during machine provisioning is required/preferred because we allocate IP addresses to network adapters using pre-configured vRA Network Profiles.


    I realize this can be done using PowerCLI but was hoping to perhaps use a "Scriptable Task" in vRO as opposed to having to invoke an external script from a PowerShell host. The PowerCli method simply introduces additional routines, such as, connecting to vCenter using elevated User Accounts, Passwords...etc. and also makes IP allocation using predetermine Network Profiles a little more difficult or perhaps impractical afterwards.


    Thanks. Ron

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  • 09/29/17--10:11: Custom Properties in vRO
  • I'm very new to vRO and I am tasked with a few objectives for automating the build of new VMs, I have successfully built a RunBook for a new VM but I have a couple other objective that im not having any luck with.


    1. Need to assign the network properties after VM starts. The IDEAL method would be pulling an IP from SWinds IPAM, but manual IP from captured user input would also be acceptable in the interim while we try to build a case to get vRA


    2. Computer Name - I need to check the VM structure or AD for the next available name in the sequence. For instance, our IIS servers are named TR01VDSIIS001, TR01VDSIIS002, 003, 004 etc.


    3. Join our domain and the place the computer in an OU ( I already have the AD module connected, I just dont know how to get the results of the build workflow to perform the AD parts)


    Ive spent a few hours on this so far but to no avail...some help would he GREATLY appreciated



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    Hi i am trying to build multiple servers from vRA using vRO workflow and i am struggling to update number of instances for the server build request in vRA 7.3

    earlier with vRA 6.2 we were using Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.NumberOfInstances but looks like this property is not more in use and VMware documentation does not have any property which i can use to update number of instances..


    Please help.





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    Hoping someone on here can verify what I think is a bug.  If I have two property groups where the shorter groups name matches another groups leading characters.  For example:


    Property group 1 id = HELLO

    Property group 2 id = HELLOGOODBYE


    If you add HELLO to a blueprint, save, then go back in and edit you'll see HELLOGOODBYE is what is loaded into the editor.  It also appears that during a deployment incorrect properties are loaded.


    This is vRA 7.3

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  • 09/29/17--14:28: IAAS/vRA response seems slow
  • I'm coming from a vCD 5.x background and I'm used to an almost immediate entry/action in vSphere when for example I deploy, undeploy, start, delete, etc. VMs and vApps.  I have a test environment built on 4 vxrail units and one vSAN.  vCenter is intregrated in the vxrail cluster, IAAS is running on 2012Server (16GB RAM, 4 CPUs Xeon 2.6 GHz VM paravirtual SCSI) with SQL Server 2014.  Everything is running pretty smooth and deployed VMs are very fast.  The issue I've run into is that "Requests", whether getting a “service” from the catalog or destroying a running machine, so what I consider deploying/undeploying in vCD terminology, takes between 45 and 65 seconds from the moment I click OK on the vRA Web GUI to when tasks (clone virtual machine, etc.) start in vSphere.  Things move very fast in vSphere but there's always a significant delay between submitting a request and actions actually taking place.  Additionally when the action completes there's another 40 seconds or so delay for the Web GUI to show the action completed.  So, let's say I had a request for a blueprint to be deployed, even when I see it cloned, configured and running in vSphere it won't be available in the vRA Web GUI, so overall there's 1 1/2 to 2 minutes added to what is otherwise a very fast deployment.  Forgot to mention these are linked clones.  So I'm not sure if this is normal/expected because I never experienced anything like it in vCD and if it's not I could use some guidance in terms of how to reduce these delays.

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    One but I have seen is referenced here Tenant drop-down box not populating  but I also see issues with some of the other drop downs.  For example compute resource and business group are greyed out which I assume is related to the tenant not being selected although it seems like you should be able to select any of those all on their own.


    I also just get a spinning wheel on the reservation policy... I can seem to navigate the list though and select a policy.  When I submit the query I get back a list but the display on the table below is compressed and unreadable.

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